Wordless Wednesday- Rainy Days

We had a few days of this over the weekend, practically unheard of here in Phoenix.  LOVED it, wish it would come back!


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  1. It rained here too, so much that it even leaked into our house! Yeesh.

  2. We have a huge rain system moving into GA today. We need the rain, too.

  3. We’ve had temps in the 70’s… almost 80’s! Rain here yesterday too, and we were supposed to have a ‘Severe’ thunderstorm come through. All we got was a little bit of wind and some rain. Hm. I say ‘all’ but we did get some good rain. It just wasn’t all that severe! LOL!

  4. Wow, I bet you enjoyed that!! 🙂 We’ve been getting rain too, but that’s not so uncommon in Michigan! 🙂

  5. We just started getting rain in the past week or so, after being dry all month. We usually get 6″ of rain in January, and we’ve only had a little over 1″ so far! Boy, I would love to have our temp be in the 60’s, that would be heaven.

  6. Yuck! Why does it have to be warm yet rainy?

  7. Our weather has been totally weird this season! Instead of snow storm after snow storm, we have had 40’s – 60’s here. So crazy!

  8. At least it’s not snow!

  9. Laura Grace Andry says:

    it was 54 here in Chicago the other day. CRAZY!

  10. It was 54 and rainy here today in Ohio and it was nice to breathe in warm air! I hope spring is near!!

  11. That was almost exactly what it was like here today in Ohio…. and it drives me nuts. I would rather it stay cold and snowy til Spring because I always end up sick when the weather changes drastically like this. Sorry for rambling, LOL.

  12. Sweet! I remember when I lived in Phoenix.. it was so nice to get the cooler, rainy weather. As long as it didn’t involve sandstorms. lol

  13. I love rainy days and it rained something fierce here yesterday! I loved it. Very relaxing, aside from the temporary power outage. lol

  14. I REALLY miss my AZ dry heat, not so much a rain fan!

  15. can i have some of that heat? its so cold here right now! Brrrr…

  16. We had a warm spell with rain for a couple days too! It actually closed school because the snow-covered back roads turned to slippery ice. I usually don’t ‘enjoy’ the rain, but it sure was nice having the kiddos home and resting up a bit after being sick 🙂

  17. A nice reprieve, I’m sure! Missed you at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers (www.wordlesswednesdaybloggers.blogspot.com). Hope you’ll join us!

  18. We need it to rain here. It was way to dry. Hopefully we will get some soon

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