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Keep Those Germs To Yourself! LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap Review PLUS Contest Information (You Could Win a Trip To Disney World!)
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Keep Those Germs To Yourself! LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap Review PLUS Contest Information (You Could Win a Trip To Disney World!)

We have had a horrible bout of sickness (times a million) that has hit our family hard these past few months.  Seems as soon as we get healthy, something else hits us again.  What can I say, we love to share!  Seriously though, I am so over it.  One sickness/germ that has hit us multiple times is the strep virus.  Every one of my kids has had it at least once, and for some reason it continues to hit us.  I know from experience that it is highly, HIGHLY contagious.  Per our pediatrician, after 24 hours on meds we need to disinfect/wash everything we can think of that our infected child has touched.  The kids now have to have their own toothpaste- no sharing- because the virus can be transferred through the toothpaste.  The kids also have to have their own hand towels in the bathroom because that can also help to transfer the virus.  To say it’s been crazy around here would be an understatement.  I felt like I’d done everything I could to keep this from spreading, but after being germ free for a month, the strep virus hit us again; this time it hit our 2-year-old in the form of scarlet fever, and then a week later it hit our 8-year-old with the horrible strep throat.

I’ve honestly tried everything I could come up with to be sure things were separated and cleaned/disinfected to try and prevent the spread of the germs and bacteria.  We bought one of the huge LYSOL Disinfectant Spray cans and were spraying handles, light switches, walls, etc, but there had to be other things we could do differently that might help.  One thing that we always touch and share is the soap dispenser.  I can’t think of many more surfaces that can be as dirty as the handle of the soap dispenser, and it’s not something I think to clean regularly either.

no-touch-hand-soap-system-mdI’d heard of the LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap, but hadn’t had a chance to try it yet.  When LYSOL sent me 2 of their No-Touch Hand Soap systems to try it couldn’t have come at a better time!  LYSOL says this No-Touch Hand Soap System offers 10 times more germ protection than the leading anti-bacterial soap!  While I know this won’t be the cure-all for our sicknesses, it is another step we can take to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria now and when we’re all healthy.

It was extremely simple to get it set up and ready for use.  Simply open the battery door and remove the tab to activate the batteries, remove the protective sticker over the soap bottle, snap it into the dispenser, switch the dispenser on and you’re in business.

LYSOL No-Touch set-upI put this in the kids’ bathroom since I felt it would be best used and offer the most benefit there.

The dispenser has a sensor near the bottom that senses your hand and puts out a decent amount of soap into your waiting palm.

LYSOL No-TouchAs I mentioned, this was used in the kids’ bathroom, so I felt like it put out more soap in one dispense than was needed for their small hands.  I’d love to see LYSOL make the dispenser with an adjustable setting so that one wouldn’t use more than was needed.  It would make the soap last longer and promote less waste, always a bonus especially for a family on a budget!

My kids were already familiar with (and loved!) the no-touch soap dispensers from the pediatrician’s office, so of course they were thrilled to have one in their own bathroom.  For Connor, especially, this was one of the coolest gadgets he’d ever seen before so the LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap became somewhat of a toy for him.  As I’ve mentioned a zillion times before in my blog posts, Connor is into something non-stop and so- more often than not- we were running to the bathroom to get him away from his new “toy” and trying to remember to turn it off when we weren’t anticipating using it for a bit.

Connor's new toyIn the meantime I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the counter or encouraging the kids to wipe the soap from the counter to use to wash their hands since so much of it ended up on the counter from Connor’s antics (probably not the best way to stop those germs from spreading, but I hated to see the soap go to waste).  Between the 4 kids and their eagerness to wash their hands more often (why not, it’s FUN!) and Connor’s desire to play with the dispenser as often as he could without getting caught, the soap was gone in a week’s time.  However, the last half of the bottle lasted a lot longer than the first half since we got wise to Connor’s fun and made efforts to stop it. 🙂  This is something that can’t be helped, and I know the more Connor grows used to seeing it in the bathroom the less he’ll be misusing it and the longer the soap will last.

In addition to being a helpful addition to help prevent spreading germs and bacteria, it’s also been nice to help keep the bathroom overall much cleaner as well (once we got wise to Connor’s antics, of course).  Before and after meals when the kids go to wash up they no longer have to touch the soap dispenser to get soap, making for less mess there and on the counters (where they’d rest their dirty hands when they grabbed the soap dispenser to pull it forward to use).  It also is nice for me to know when they’re done going to the bathroom they aren’t putting their hands all over the dispenser to get soap, because (let’s face it) sometimes the kids can get disgustingly messy when they’re finishing up using the bathroom (ugh).

I’m loving having this new system in our house. I’m thrilled to know we’re making another great effort in stopping the spread of germs and bacteria, and I’m hoping this helps make a difference with our sickness as well!

lysol-kwte imageLYSOL knows as well as we do that kids are messy, which is why on February 25th- to celebrate kids and the messes they make- LYSOL launched “The Kid Who Touches Everything Contest“.  Submit a photo of your child’s messiest moment for a chance to have your child’s photo featured on AND win a trip to Disney World!!!  No purchase necessary. Contest runs from 2/25/13- 5/25/13. Open to US residents ages 18+. Void where prohibited. Click here for official contest rules.  GOOD LUCK!!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of MomCentral Consulting for LYSOL®. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


  1. courtney b says

    we have been wanting to go to disney for a while now !:) and i love lysol!

  2. Janet W. says

    This no-touch system would be perfect for my grandson to use. He has the hardest time trying to press down the pump.

  3. Ha ha. I love the title “kid who touches everything contest”. I feel like my son touches everything he possibly can. The no-touch system would be perfect for him!



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