Wordless Wednesday- Spring Roses

Every year- just a few weeks before Spring- our rose bush begins to bloom, and by Easter the bush is full.  Here are a couple of the first roses to appear on the bush this week…

large rose

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  1. You have the prettiest flowers!! I want to come get starts off them all!!

  2. joanna garcia says:

    omg beautiful!! i want a rose garden!

  3. teresa herrera-honores says:

    what beautiful roses!

  4. So beautiful! I can’t imagine seeing roses this early in the year…maybe crocuses in a month or so 🙂

  5. Alesha, those are GORGEOUS! I want some in my yard!!

  6. We woke up to snow so I am really jealous of this! LOL They are beautiful!!!

    • It’s a toss up… We have record highs right now, (so far it’s gotten to 90something today), so cooler weather sounds pretty amazing to me. Snow though? Eh, no thanks! LOL

  7. So beautiful. And so jealous of the weather there…. there is snow on the ground outside right now. Boo.

  8. Such a pretty flower! I thought spring was coming soon here, but its snowing again.
    Thank you for bringing a touch of spring into my life

  9. gorgeous! I can’t wait for our flowers to start blooming…

  10. It’s not too late to share at WW Bloggers. Hope you’ll join us!

  11. OMGosh those are pretty! I would LOVE to see something bloom around here, it gives me hope for spring.

  12. Carrie Phelps says:

    I would be in heaven! We still have giant snow piles yet to melt. Today we may even add to them.

  13. I will take a dozen in a vase … you can have them delivered, right?

  14. Very pretty! Our rose bushes are just barely starting to grow back from cutting last fall, we won’t have any blooms until at least June or July. 🙁

  15. Pretty.. ours are not blooming yet, but any day now.

  16. Brianna Ashley says:

    I am jealous. I cannot get my roses to grow well. Ive just about given up on them.

  17. Gracie F says:

    These are beautiful. I love the color. Hopefully this year mine will bloom nicely

  18. Awesome! My sister in law lives in Tyler, TX and these remind me of the amazing rose gardens they have around there!

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