A Spring Visit From The Fairy Hobmother

Spring has sprung, so what better time for the Fairy Hobmother to make an appearance in my neck of the woods?!

Fairy Hobmother

If you’re not familiar with the Fairy Hobmother, you’re going to want to get familiar…  The Fairy Hobmother loves to spread joy and happiness across the blogosphere in the form of Amazon gift cards, all while sharing info for his Fairy Overlords.

Of course as bloggers we love to help share the joy of the Fairy Hobmother! If you’re interested in receiving a visit from the Fairy Hobmother (and in spending some time shopping on Amazon), simply leave a comment on this post! Be sure to leave your email address and a link to your site so the Fairy Hobmother knows where to visit you!!


  1. Ok Fairy Hobmother…. I am not beyond begging. So would you pleaseeeeee come visit me just this once. I’ve been good – I swear!

  2. Lucky Girl! I hope he visits me 🙂

  3. I just knew fairies were real! Everyone kept trying to tell me different but I knew if I kept believing I would get to meet one one day so Fairy Hobmother don’t let me down! Keep a ‘young’ gal’s dream alive. =)



  4. FUN!! I’d LOVE a visit from the Fairy Hobmother *wink* *wink* ! 🙂

  5. Would love to have you come visit again!


  6. I love seeing all the joy that the Fairy Hobmother Shares!
    misavings @ymail. com

  7. Hi Fairy Hobmother!!

    wendykate99 at yahoo dot com

  8. He just popped by to see me, too!

  9. I have heard about the Fairy HobMother! How exciting! Hopefully he’ll visit me soon! PLEASE! 😉


    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  10. Please visit me oh please Fairy HobMother my site is http://savingmoneycanbefun.blogspot.com/ and my email address is moneysavingfun at gmail dot com

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