Krispy Kreme Doughnut Decorating Kits- Making a Delicious Treat Even MORE Fun

Krispie Kreme DoughnutsIt’s no secret how much I love sweets.  Doughnuts are near the top of my list of favorite sweets, and Krispy Kreme is pretty much my all time favorite doughnut company.  My favorite is the chocolate iced kreme filled doughnut, but a close second are the plain ol’ original glazed (especially the hot ones).  Of course, we couldn’t have been more stoked to receive 2 fun Doughnut Decorating Kits from Krispy Kreme, along with a dozen free glazed doughnuts to decorate.  They also generously sent 2 bags of their signature coffee for us to try (house blend and dark roast)!

Coffee and Kits

The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Decorating Kit contains 3 tubes of edible frosting (green, pink, and yellow), 1 pack of sprinkles, and 1 pack of stars.

KitEven though it meant postponing eating the doughnuts for a few minutes, my kids were so excited to be able to decorate their own doughnuts.  They were also pretty excited to wear the sweet hats too (and don’t they look adorable?)!



more decorating

The tubes were easy to use and didn’t let out too large of a stream of frosting, making it much easier to decorate as precisely as we wanted (some of us more than others).  Logan was even able to write his name legibly, though he quickly covered it up; the more frosting the better! 🙂


I think they did a pretty great job, and they had a blast! Of course, eating it was just as rewarding- and delicious!



(Taken with my phone, so cute I had to use it!)

I even enjoyed decorating my doughnuts!


The kids were eager to decorate more, but since I didn’t want them having more than one doughnut in the day we saved the rest and decorated doughnuts the next morning as well.  I was pleased that the 2 decorating kits we were sent lasted for all 12 doughnuts, even with the insane amount my kids used when they decorated.  We still have some left over; guess that means we need to go back to Krispy Kreme and get more doughnuts! Sweet!!

We’ve enjoyed the coffee as well.  We generally prefer grinding our own beans, but found that this coffee was still pretty tasty and required a bit less work on our part- always a bonus!

The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Decorating Kits are available at participating Krispy Kreme locations at a suggested retail price of $3.99.

We received the above mentioned products free of charge for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions are our own.  Please see my disclosure for more information.


  1. What a fun idea for Krispy Kreme to come up with! Definitely looks like a blast! We just need a Krispy Kreme near us so we can try it out!! 🙂

  2. What a cute idea! There is (for better or worse!) a Krispy Kreme on the way to the kids’ school and they are always begging to go…

  3. Decorating the donuts was worth getting those pictures alone. So cute!!!

  4. Jennifer Y says:

    How much fun is that?!?! We decorate sugar cookies, but I never thought of decorating doughnuts! This would be a great slumber party activity…you know, the slumber parties where no one actually slumbers! LOL

  5. Krispey Kremes are so good and this looks like so much fun!

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