Be Prepared For a Medical Emergency- Get Informed With The Aflac Real Cost Calculator

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Aflac. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Aflac logoI’m sure you’ve heard of Aflac before-who doesn’t know about the duck- but do you know exactly what Aflac is?  I wasn’t completely aware until recently just what Aflac offers, but I’m so glad I know now!

Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy.  You think you’re safe because you have medical insurance to cover your medical expenses, but not all of those expenses are covered by insurance. AND medical insurance won’t pay for your daily living expenses that you are responsible for when you have an injury. Aflac helps with medical expenses and even those daily expenses- like mortgage or rent, car payments, groceries or gas- regardless of other insurance plans you may have, and sends cash benefits to you when you’re sick or hurt.

A few years back- when money was tighter than ever in our household- our medical insurance coverage changed. Sick visits were not covered with a co-pay, so every time we got sick we paid out of pocket.  Of course that was the year that my kids got the sickest.  We had 2 bouts of RSV for 2 kids at a time, which resulted in tons of medical expenses including the doctor visit, breathing treatments, nebulizer for at home treatments, antibiotics, follow-up visits… It was terrifying to keep getting those medical bills and know there was no feasible way we could afford them, but no way we could go without the treatments for our kids either!  I’m thankful I had my faith to lean on, and God really blessed us.  Having Aflac would have been a comfort as well though, and the financial burden would have been far lessened!

Since then we’ve been blessed not to have any injuries or sicknesses- major or minor- hit our family that we’ve had to pay crazy amount of money toward, and none that have kept Gary from being able to work.  However, if a time ever came that something major did happen and we had to fork out a bunch of money, or if Gary couldn’t work for some reason, we’d be in trouble.  We have an emergency fund for, well, emergencies, but after looking at the Real Cost Calculator from Aflac I am aware that the amount of money in our fund likely wouldn’t be enough to cover everything.  If Gary were unable to work, we’d really be in a heap of hurt.

Take something as minor as a broken leg, which can happen more easily than I’d like to think.  According to the Real Cost Calculator, the real cost of a broken leg is over $11,000!  You can expect to pay medical expenses that aren’t covered by major medical insurance such as deductibles, copayments and coinsurance as well as medication and physical therapy costs, and according to the Real Cost Calculator we’d be looking at about $8,000 out of pocket, and that’s just for medical expenses. YIKES!

Real Cost Calculator

Aflac wants you to be aware of the Real Cost of medical emergencies so you’ll be prepared if something happens to you or a member of your family.  Check out the Real Cost Calculator and find out just how crazy it can be! And then check out Aflac’s supplemental insurance, which offsets these unexpected costs and fills the gaps of your health care plan, leaving you feeling more secure about your family’s financial future.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Aflac. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


  1. Girl, don’t be freaking me out this way!!!!

    • LOL Liz! With you planning for your future (retirement and such) this is just another step… 🙂 Seriously, my brother got Aflac and it’s already helped him… We’re looking into it now. Amazing to see how much it REALLY costs! I had no idea! Scary for sure!

  2. That is crazy but really good to know!

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