Wordless Wednesday- Mismatched

My 5-year old is either super picky about making sure he matches, or he just doesn’t care at all. This was his outfit out to dinner last week.  Notice the mismatched socks with his Keen sandals. Nice…

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  1. OMG too funny, I almost used a similar picture of Shane for WW this week. Something about little boys & mismatched clothes!

  2. LOL! Blake NEVER cares what he wears! He had on a stripe shirt with camo shorts last week and I made him change before he left for school. AND his shoes are ALWAYS on the wrong feet (especially the boots!) Thankfully his shirts and pants have been worn correctly this school year…last year I missed that his pants were on backwards a couple times when I sent him to school and his shirt was backwards at least once 😉

  3. Jasper is always wearing one shoe or one sock. It’s really weird!

  4. miss matched socks are so in right now. Part of me wants to go out and buy a bunch of randowm bright socks and miss match them for me 🙂

  5. I love his style! So fun when they make their own choices and match things that we would not believe match.

  6. hahaha That’s so funny! My 9yo often looks like that. I just let it go most days. =)

  7. He is absolutely adorable!!

  8. I love it, and he looks so proud! My oldest is a crazy dresser as well, I kinda hope she never grows out of it!

  9. My son is 21 months and it is sad because sometimes he leaves the house mismatched like that. Thoes are the days daddy dressed him! My husband thinks I match him too much with his plaid shirts matching every color of his shirt and shoes with socks with the same color scheme. I tell my husband that is normal but he likes to put our son in hawaiian shorts with a striped shirt! Haha I just laugh and send pictures to our family. I am sure our son with dress himself mismatched like this when he is older!

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