Make Extra Cash In Time For Summer Vacations- Sell Your Old DVDs, CDs and Video Games

We have this old TV stand that my husband had since before we were even dating.


 (Excuse the mess… At least I cleaned the glass, right…? 🙂 )

If I do the math that puts it at over 13 years old, which explains all the spaces on each side for CDs.  You’ll see there is no CD space left empty either.  Those are all my CDs, and I know I still have at least another stack more that won’t fit in there. Want to know the last time I listened to one of those CDs?  I have no idea.  I have a few reasons I’ve kept them there all these years; too lazy to worry about them, empty space would look odd, I forget they’re even there… But since I don’t ever listen to them, now would be as good a time as any to get rid of them.  In the past I would have just thrown them in my donation box, but I just learned that I can sell my CDs online and make some money!

fist-full-of-money-clip-artWe have a few more trips planned for the summer, so some extra cash would definitely come in handy.  We’re too big a family to be able to afford to fly anywhere, but with the price of gas these days even that adds up quick when you’re on a road trip!  Yes, extra cash is a must, and what better way to get some extra cash than to get rid of something I don’t use anyway?!

While I’m selling my CDs I might as well sell some old DVDs and video games too.  The kids have tons of DVDs they don’t watch anymore, and my husband and I have quite a few we don’t watch much either.  And video games… With the way gaming systems keep changing, (how many times do they need to remake every different gaming system, seriously?!), we have a stack old games that we don’t use anymore and I know we won’t use again.

Between the stack of CDs, DVDs and video games the money will add up quick, and since it’s free to ship them I won’t lose out on any of that money either.  I’ve got nothing to lose!

Doing this will only leave me with one problem… now we’ll need to get a new TV stand. 🙂

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  1. OOo I have lots of DVDs that we never watch anymore. I’d love to get some money out of them… thanks!

  2. We take ours to a trade in store. They don’t give a lot of cash though, so maybe we will look into selling online.

  3. Marlene says:

    Interesting idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Great idea! We could all use extra cash!

  5. Janet W. says:

    We definitely have a lot of this that we could sell to get some extra money!!

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