Stylish and Comfortable Footwear from Orthaheel- #Review

I received the following products for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

It’s summertime, which means many of us live in our sandals.  Living in Arizona I tend to live in my sandals most of the year, but never so much as in the summertime.

OH_logoI’m also a busy mom and often spend a lot of time on my feet, taking care of my kids, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping…  Being on my feet so much can make them and the rest of my body achy, and most sandals don’t offer much support to help with that.  So when I had a chance to review a couple of pairs of sandals from Orthaheel– whose Orthaheel technology helps to reduce pronation, improving foot function and helping relieve associated conditions such as heel and knee pain, back pain and aching legs-  I was so excited; not to mention they were adorable! I anxiously awaited the arrival of the Fiji Toe Post Sandal in Jade (!!) and the Fleur Toe Post Sandal in Raspberry (also !!!).  I seriously couldn’t wait to add them to my collection.

Fleur and Fiji Sandals

After wearing them nearly non-stop since getting them, I can honestly say they are my favorites; I LOVE them!

I happened to receive them the week of our Vacation Church School (VCS)- where I was in charge of crafts for every class- and so I figured it was a perfect time to try them out;  After all, I was on my feet non-stop for over 4 hours, and likely longer afterward as well.  I grabbed the Fiji sandals and off we went.

After VCS is over, all of the kids go home to eat lunch and then we meet up either to swim or go bowling or some sort of activity.  The day I wore the Fiji sandals was the last day of VCS, which is the longest day for me AND then we go bowling afterward.  My 2-year-old was also bowling, and since he can’t do it on his own I was helping him… which meant being on my feet nearly the entire 2 1/2 hours there too.  Needless to say, I gave the sandals a run for their money when it came to keeping me from aching.  By day’s end I was pleased that I felt pretty great! My feet and knees didn’t hurt at all, and my back was only a bit achy- significantly less than it normally would after a day like that.

Fleur sandals

Ignore the ghostly feet (thought I can be ghostly). It’s not a bad spray-on tan, it’s the sunshine directly on my feet (that probably need it anyway). This is what I get for taking pictures with my phone. 🙂

I also love these sandals because they look great whether I’m wearing my jeans and a tee-shirt or my skirt and blouse.  As a mom I often skimp on getting things for myself because, well, the kids need it more than I do and there’s only so much money to spend.  Having these 2 pairs of sandals that I can wear dressy or casually saves me some money and keeps me looking great.

Fiji sandals

This one too… haha

It’s awesome to have 2 pair of sandals that I know I’ll be comfortable wearing all day, no matter what my level of activity may be!  They are definitely well made in many respects; I was a bit worried about how well the beads would hold up on the sandals, especially with my 2-year-old (who has a knack for destroying things), but even with him trying to pick the beads off, they  held on strong.

I cannot wait to get more footwear from Orthaheel! They offer tons of styles and colors, so whether you’re looking for a cute pair of summer sandals or a pair of warm boots for the winter, Orthaheel has you covered. And you can rest assured you won’t just look great in your new kicks, you’ll feel great at the end of the day too!

I received the aforementioned products for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Thank you for the great review. I am always on the look out for a great pair of comfortable sandals. My feet are VERY picky!

  2. I love those! I live in my flip flops and my chiropractor is getting grumpy with me about it. 😉
    Those are beautiful and look super comfortable.

  3. These look amazing. I need some new shoes. I still have my Oofos (which I LOVE) but I need something that I can wear to church (definitely not Oofos). These are really cute.

  4. Those are super cute and look really comfortable!! I am always looking for comfortable flip flops i’m gonna be checking them out now!!

  5. I have the Fleur pair in silver and love them! So nice to have flip flops that you can wear all day, even on active walks or theme parks.

  6. Those are adorable. I love them. I need some new dressier flip flop type shoes for my flat feet. Somthing with a little cushion. thanks for sharing.

  7. You know what? I will finally wear sandals like those! lol I was always just a plain Jane, boring sandal wearer and it’s been so fun expanding my horizons to cuter, more girlier shoes! I have a couple of outfits that are screaming for both pairs of those that you’re wearing! Can’t wait to check out their other styles!

  8. Oh.My.Goodness!! I LOVE these sandals!! I want, no wait, I NEED to get some!! I wear flip flops all summer! But I’m struggling with Planters Fasciitis because of the lack or arch support in my (comfy, but flat) flip flops. I would LOVE a pair (or 2 or 3, haha!!) of these! I think they’d help a ton!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Both of those are SO cute! They are both totally my style. I’ll have to pick some up, especially since I am going to need some extra support lugging around this ever growing belly!

  10. Cute! I love the pink ones. I live in my flip flops most the year.

  11. Those both are super cute! I had no idea you could get sandals that could make your body feel better. My back is always killing me when I’m on my feet for too long. I’m totally going to check and see what all they have.

  12. I love sandals and those look amazing! They seem to be comfortable also. Will have to check them out later on.

  13. Julie Wood says

    These sandals look so pretty, and it is nice to know that they are not just pretty, but are so comfortable to walk in and help give support. That is all I look for in a sandal. Comfort and support, plus I like it if they are pretty like these!

  14. What a great way to combine style and comfort, these are perfect for South Florida.

  15. I have always found flip-flops somewhat uncomfortable but these look amazing. I may have to try these!

  16. I developed a nerve problem in my feet after having my second child, so I can’t wear a lot of the cute sandals I used to love. It’s so hard to find something that is comfortable and gentle on the feet and still looks cute! I especially like the turquoise pair you tried.

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