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Back 2 School Shoes from Tsukihoshi- Review and #Giveaway

Back 2 School Shoes from Tsukihoshi- Review and #Giveaway

tsukihoshi logoWe were sent the following product to facilitate our review. All opinions are my own.

As quick as my kids grow up (as in, tall), I should know their feet grow crazy fast too.  Problem is, I don’t think of that often enough, and my kids don’t complain about tight shoes either.  Back to school time is when I think of shoes for them most often because that’s when I see great deals on shoes.  The same was true for us this year, and I was so excited to be able to get a pair of Tsukihoshi shoes for one of my kiddos!  Tsukihoshi has been established in Japan since 1873.  They offer shoes for kids from pre-walkers all the way through youth sizes.  I was impressed to see that they are a sponsor of Autism Speaks, and have received some great awards as well.


My son, Erik, needed shoes the most.  I knew his current shoes were small when I felt where his toes were in them and found them scrunched up at the very end, but it was worse than I realized.  Upon taking him to the store to check what size I needed to get him for this review I discovered that he was in shoes that were 2 sizes too small.  Oops!  He never complained about them so I had no idea!

Needless to say, his little tootsies were thrilled when the super cool Youth Speed Black and Orange shoes arrived at our door.

Youth Speed Black Orange

Erik was more than happy to show off his new kicks, and was overly excited about the tread (haha!):

Back to School shoes

If you ask my kids what’s important in a pair of shoes, they’ll tell you this:

1- They have to look cool

2- They have to make you run fast (aka: look cool. The cooler they look, the faster they make you run.)

3- They have to help you climb trees better (aka: good tread)

As you can see, Tsukihoshi fit the bill to a tee for Erik!

So what makes Tsukihoshi shoes so awesome to us moms?  I mean, shoes are shoes, right? Wrong.

As a mom I want to be sure my kids’ shoes are comfortable for them to wear and don’t hinder their growth (forget what I said about me failing to know that my kids’ shoes were 2 sizes too small, mkay? 😉 ).  I want to be sure their shoes offer support and stability, and are good for their foot health.

Tsukihoshi shoes take all these into consideration, and are made with all of that in mind.  Check this out:

Benefits of Tsukihoshi

On top of these things, Tsukihoshi has made sure their shoes are machine washable, (a must with kids who love to play in the dirt and jump in every mud puddle),  AND they have an antibacterial insole- The Cup-Insole is coated with Green-Tea Polyphenol, which deodorizes the smell in shoes!  I don’t know about your kids, but a few of mine could use some help in this area.  Maybe it’s just their genetic makeup, maybe it’s the fact that they wear the same pair of socks over and over again without putting them in the washer (ugh), or maybe it’s the fact that they get their shoes wet while playing outside over and over again… In any case, they stink. Ewwww.

As a busy mom, I also want it to be easy for them to put on and take off their shoes by themselves.  Erik does know how to tie his shoes, so I don’t worry about that as much with him. But for those children who can’t yet, it’s nice to have velcro shoes.  Kids can be picky about the look of their shoes- at least mine are- and oft-times many of the velcro shoes look, well, a bit dorky to be honest.  Not so with Tsukihoshi.  Their shoes all have a wide and curved velcro fastener to make it easier for kids to put on and remove their shoes by themselves, yet they still have a cool, sporty look to them.

So as far as look and makeup of these shoes, I am loving them!  We haven’t had the shoes long enough for me to know how well they’ll hold up to my rowdy, busy, rough and tumble boy, but based on the look and feel of them I think they’ll hold up well.   Can’t wait to see!


Be sure and be here tomorrow to enter to win a pair of Tsukihoshi shoes of your choice for back to school, as well as other awesome back to school prizes! Get a head start on entries by liking Tsukihoshi on Facebook and following Tsukihoshi on twitter.

The rafflecopter entry form is on the giveaway post.  Head over to enter!

We were sent the above mentioned products to facilitate our review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Nicole Mills says

    I like the “blaze” steel/black.

  2. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love the “GLITZ” in the purple/fushia

  3. I really like the SPRINT shoes in Green!

  4. Wow, those are some good looking shoes… I know my Little Man would love these

  5. He would like the DENALI in the brown & orange color.

  6. Danielle Papsis says

    I like the Speed shoes in Purple and Pink.

  7. Stephanie G says

    I love the Maru shoes in fuchsia!

  8. Willow needs the Pre “Ichi” shoes!

  9. Wow, they have such cool shoes for both boys and girls. I especially love the Sakura shoe for girls.

  10. Nicole Mills says

    My oldest son likes the tornado ones.

  11. Vanessa Coker says

    I like the FLASH shoes for boys in grey/navy

  12. I would get the YOUTH 11 “FORCE”?

  13. I love the MARINA shoes!

  14. I like the Girls Glitz shoes!

  15. LOVE the Youth Force in both the gray and blue!

  16. Vanessa Coker says

    I also like the BABY NATSU in pink and grey.

  17. Betty Baez says

    I like the DENALI shoe!

  18. I like the Flash pair. Jayden could use some good new shoes for school.

  19. sarah issac says

    I would love to get my son the YOUTH 11 “FORCE”?COLOR : ROYAL ? LIME?SIZE : 12-4

  20. Justine McD. says

    I like the Youth 07 TORNADO in black

  21. Sindy Murray says

    I would like to have the “KAZ”?COLOR : BLUE ? ORANGE

  22. Darlene Owen says

    I would choose the CHILD 23”NATSU”

    I like that they are a sponsor of Autism Speaks and the shoes are machine washable.

  23. My daughter would love the Sakura maryjane-style sneakers in purple!

  24. ICHI

  25. I really like the Youth 11 Force shoes

  26. I also really like the Child Natsu sneaker Mary Jane.

  27. blaze

  28. baby flame

  29. My youngest would love the Child Hana sneaker in purple/pink!

  30. Dorothy Teel says

    These shoes are so neat and I loved your review I should of read it before I entered the first question about what was I looking forward to the most and it would need to be these cool shoes, by granddaughter would love to have these – YOUTH 08 “LYNX”?COLOR : Silver ? Orange?SIZE : 12-5

  31. Love the youth Mako. They looks super comfortable and yet still dressy. Love them. I have never heard of this company before your review. Love the look of these shoes.

  32. the baby flames are cute

  33. I also like the Child ARISA in silver and pink!

  34. I love all the bright colors, my favorite are the Sakura in Purple/Lavender

  35. Vanessa Coker says

    I really like the baby girls’ BABY NATSU in pink and grey.

  36. Oh no – just realized my oldest is now in Youth sizes, which cuts out a lot of cute options. I do like the Youth Flash sneaker in Purple.

  37. Sacha Schroeder says

    I love the LYNX hot pink shoe.

  38. the flash shoes for boys

  39. I just love the HANA sneaker for my three year old. We could use it in both colors, actually.

  40. Happi

  41. Stephanie G says

    I love the Baby Maru shoes in Fuschia!

  42. My three year old tells me she likes the Natsu in pink and purple. She is not a traditional sneaker girl, so these would be a fun option for daycare/playground.

  43. I like their YOUTH 10 ”MAKO” shoes!

  44. The baby flames

  45. Addison Kat says

    love the WHEEL shoes for my boy!

  46. I also like the EURO Child sneaker in raspberry pink. I like the wide single strap closure.

  47. Speed for child

  48. Love the Baby Arisa in pink, silver and white!

  49. Jessica Cox says

    I like the YOUTH SPEED in hot pink and green

  50. I like the BABY 02

  51. The Child EARTH sneaker looks like a great playground shoe. I like that it’s offered in pink and navy – it’s a nice color combo.

  52. Amanda Sakovitz says

    Child 23 NATSU

  53. Hannah Avery says

    I like the Yama and the Wheel shoes!

  54. Thomas Murphy says

    I like the NEKO

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