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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Banana Boat. I received product samples and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

The sun is one thing we aren’t lacking in Phoenix.  We enjoy a lot of time outside, and sunscreen is a must. I don’t want to have to worry about skin cancer in my future, and I certainly don’t want my kids to end up getting it because I wasn’t good about protecting their skin in their youth.

Because of the extreme summer heat in Phoenix, we enjoy swimming.  And since the weather is pretty awesome the other 7 months of the year, we spend a lot of time outside then too.  We use sunscreen regularly, as well as wearing hats and sunglasses when we’re outside.  My kids know the routine…

Banana Boat Sunscreen

This summer, in particular, we’ve spent even more time outdoors.  We are actually on a vacation right now in California visiting family.  On our trip up we stopped in Anaheim to take the kids to experience Disneyland for the first time!  We came prepared with hats for everyone, as well as the Banana Boat sunscreen we were sent.  Upon arriving at our hotel, we got the kids suited and then got them all sunscreened up to head down to the pool.

Baby no-tears sunscreen

I wanted to be sure and try each sunscreen to see which we liked best.  I am one who tends to purchase only the spray-on sunscreens because I hate that sticky, gooey, greasing feeling that most sunscreens tend to have. The Kids Tear-Free Sting-Free sunscreen lotion and Baby Natural Reflect Lotion were like this, BUT my kids didn’t mind, and I love the extra benefits from them.  First off, they are tear-free and sting-free, which my kids and I both love.  This way I can slather the sunscreen all over their faces without worrying about it getting in their eyes and burning them.  Secondly, the sunscreen is white, which helps you to know when their skin is fully covered and protected.  It’s also fragrance free, a big bonus for many families.  Now, personally we don’t have any issues with allergies to fragrances, but we have friends who do.  They’re unable to use many soaps, sunscreens, lotions, etc, because of the fragrance.  Now I can recommend this to them!

Kids' sunscreenI’m also happy to find the Baby Natural Reflect Lotion because I’m not aware of many sunscreens that can be used on baby’s delicate skin.  Having infants in the summertime was rough because we were unable to put sunscreen on to protect their skin when we were out in the sun.  We’d keep them covered up in their strollers or in the baby carrier, but that gets hot really fast, which was also a huge worry with an infant.  I’m glad to know this is one that is pediatrician tested and hypoallergenic, something I can recommend to my friends who have new babies.  You know what though…? It’s also great for our bigger kiddos too!


Of course I love the Sport Performance Coolzone Continuous Spray Sunscreen because it’s spray-on (doesn’t get much easier than that).  It also gives you a cooling, refreshing sensation when spraying it on, which is great when you’re hot in the sun!  It’s got a great scent as well, which I like.

But of all of these we were sent, I have a new favorite in the Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion.  Prior to this, I would purchase only one specific brand for myself because I couldn’t stand the greasiness of the other kinds; not only did it feel nasty, but it would cause me to break out on my face. Not good.  But the other brand I purchased tended to be very high priced, something I didn’t like.  I am stoked to have this new Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion!!  It combines sunscreen, along with aloe with antioxidant vitamins C & E to maintain 100% of your skin’s natural moisture, and leaves your skin feeling grease free.  It is not thick (yay!) and soaks in quickly.

Protect & Hydrate

The Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion was the bottle I brought with us on our Disneyland trip.  Upon waiting in line for rides, I’d slather up the kids’ arms, legs, face, and neck with sunscreen, then grammy and I would do the same for ourselves.  It was so nice to know we were protected all day, and without the greasy feeling (or fear of breakouts).

I am so happy to have all of these sunscreens for our family to use!  If you’d like to try any of these on yourself or your family, be sure to head over to the Banana Boat Facebook page and nab this $1 off coupon!


  1. We used Banana Boat all the time when we were younger, and on my kids too! I wish we had the baby sunscreen years ago, it was hard going out with a baby in the summer.

  2. I actually brought the spray on kind to our trip to Disney because the kids kept falling asleep… that way I could spray them while they slept. Love this stuff!

  3. Banana Boat Natural Reflect (regular, not the baby version) is our family’s go-to sunscreen for the beach and pool. I love that it’s natural and it works really well. We reapply after a few hours but it’s more of a touch up than a full reapplication, and my girls never get burned.

  4. I have used Banana Boat in the past and always had good results with it on the kids. 🙂

  5. I love Banana Boat products! I haven’t tried the Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion though.. definitely on my list!

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