Wordless Wednesday- Perspective

Saw this on our recent road trip.  I loved the way it looked and had my mom take a picture for me (since I was driving).  Tell me you’re weird and find this fascinating too…

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  1. Yes! I absolutely AM weird and find it fascinating! I take a lot of pictures because of their ‘texture’ – not the content! LOL! I have some fire pics, and woodgrain pics that are crazy, but I love them!~

  2. Lol. I totally would have taken a pic of it too! My weird pic this week was a truck loaded up with tons of square bales of hay! (instagram – orangeheromama)


  3. Isn’t it funny how we find the weirdest things fascinating?!? I’m like this too and my hubby thinks I”m weird haha.

  4. Love the colors! 😀 its interesting what we find fascinating 😀

  5. That is not at all weird.
    I find it very artistic. I wonder if the people who loaded them were conscious of their artistic abilities?

  6. I think it looks neat too, between the colors and the way they’re loaded. 🙂

  7. The colors are great.. wonder what they are for.

  8. Love the colors!

  9. Boy pipes and girl pipes? lol Fits that the bigger ones are blue. Pretty cool!

  10. I like it too, its not just you.

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