Wordless Wednesday- What Happens When You Have a Big Sister

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  1. I love it.. he is so cute!

  2. Oh! So cute!!!

    Has big sister discovered his hair yet? One of my favorite photos is of my boy sitting patiently while his big sister put four zillion clips, ribbons, and bows in his hair. Too funny!

  3. I love this! I used to dress my brother up too. My mom gave me her old wigs and I had one of those ‘life size dolls’ that my moms friends gave me baby clothes for. I used those dresses and wigs to dress up my brother. Then we’d show my parents. DANG I wish I pics of THAT!

  4. My sister and I use to dress our brother in ballet costumes and paint his nails. hahaha I love this picture.

  5. That’s a keeper!

  6. Oh I love this. I have two boys and a baby girl and I can just picture my little girl as she grows up wearing all of the boys costumes.

  7. Oh my gosh, my daughters did the same thing to my boys!

  8. Love it! Total black mail for later, lol.

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