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Living in a big, bright city, we don’t always get to see much of the night sky.  Looking up, it’s hard to see much more than the moon and a star or two, let alone getting a good look at them.  It’s not until you really get out of the city that you can see much of anything.  But with Nancy B’s MoonScope from Educational Insights, now we can get a great look at the moon and stars in the night sky!


Grab your MoonScope and take a tour of the nighttime sky complete with visits to the stars, Saturn, Jupiter, and even check out the mountain ranges, seas, and craters on the moon! The Sky Gazer’s Journal is packed with fun activities, like learning about the lunar phases, writing a moon myth, creating your own man in the moon, and more!
It took a bit of trial and error to get the moon to appear properly in the scope, but when I my husband did, we were all amazed; we could see the craters on the moon! 
Observing moonObserving the moonThe MoonScope comes with a Sky Gazer’s Activity Journal which is full of tons of ideas and suggestions of when to look, how to look, and what to look for on the moon.  So far we haven’t taken time to use it, (we’re just loving checking out the moon), but I’m anxious to be able to do these activities with the kids.  I’ve been anxious for the moon to get even fuller to be able to see more, like the Apennine Mountains, the Copernicus Crater, and the Tycho Crater!  I looked outside tonight and the moon is nice and full; my husband worked his magic and had the moon in view, but since the kids were in bed only he and I were able to enjoy it. We’ll be taking advantage and showing the kids tomorrow!
As much as we are able to see here in the city, I can only imagine how much more we’ll be able to see out of the city, and we can’t wait to be able to do that!!  I’m especially eager to try and find Saturn- can’t wait to see the rings!- and Jupiter and it’s moons!
While we were able to see quite a bit, it can be hard to get it to be really clear at times.  I’d imagine the distance of the moon makes a difference.  Additionally, this is not an expensive telescope, so it’s not going to be able to do and see all of the things a big, higher dollar telescope would be able to see.  That said, for what you pay for this scope it’s totally worth it, especially for kids who can be hard on things.
If you have a science loving kid, you’ll want to check out all of the Nancy B products available from Educational Insights, including the AquaScope and Microscope.  However, if you have kids who love the moon, stars and planets, I can’t think of a better gift than the MoonScope. 
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  1. Lorayne Gothard says:

    My daughter would also like the GeoSafari® Motorized Solar System

  2. My son would love the Aquascope!

  3. debbie jackson says:

    I like the nowhere to go strategy game.

  4. Colleen Maurina says:

    I also like their Alphabet Bean Bags.

  5. Hot Dots® Jr. Interactive Storybooks – 4 Book Set with Ace Pen

  6. Sharon Schoepe says:

    My kids would love the GeoSafari® Buried Treasure Egyptian Dig

  7. karen medlin says:

    Lots to choose from, this is one of their favorites. The Dino Construction Company™–Wrecker the T-Rex Skid Loader!

  8. I like the ten frame treasures

  9. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I love the Hot Dots!! Great way to learn and have fun and it tells you whether you are correct or not!

  10. Anita Yancey says:

    My daughter would love the Math Slam.

  11. Carrie Phelps says:

    My grandson would love the GeoSafari® Dino Digs Velociraptors.

  12. Mariaelena Dominguez says:

    So cool, we live in the middle nowhere so it’d be nice to use it here. My son would love it

  13. Mary Somerville says:

    I like the Kanoodle Puzzle set.

  14. My son would love the binoculars, too!

  15. My son would also like the GeoSafari® Talking Planetary Mat

  16. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Dd would like the GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Microscope

  17. Dorothy Teel says:

    My granddaughters love nature and I love Nancy B and Geo Safari items and I think that they would enjoy this as they are into spy games and discovering nature’s secrets – Nancy B’s Science Club Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal

  18. Mary Somerville says:

    M kids would love any of the Dino Construction Company– My favorite is the Wrecker the T-Rex Skid Loader.

  19. I think my little guy would like the “GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope.”

  20. We’d love PlayBrix cardboard bricks!

  21. My son would love the Dino Construction Wrecker!

  22. I love the puppet on a pen!

  23. My son would love the Sprout n Grow greenhouse!

  24. My son would love the Chet the Cat Cooking Set!

  25. Carrie Phelps says:

    My grandchildren would also love the Smart Talk™ Complete Set.

  26. my son would really enjoy the dino construction company toys!!!

  27. Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights & Action Building Set.

  28. I’d like the Hot Dots® Flash Cards, More Addition Facts 10-19 for my kids.

  29. My son would love the talking bug net!!

  30. The Nowhere to go game looks cool!

  31. Sandra VanHoey says:

    GeoSafari® Vega 600 Telescope I like also

  32. The playfoam pack is really cool!

  33. The Magic Moves Wand!

  34. My son would like the Eggspert.

  35. Dorothy Teel says:

    How nice, thank you so very much my granddaughter will be delighted.

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