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gymboree logoWe were sent the following for review purposes. All thoughts expressed are our own.

Over the past year or so I’ve shared our awesome finds from Gymboree.  Every time I shop there I am reminded how much I LOVE Gymboree; the store, the clothes, the employees… They’re all awesome!

Last month we headed into the Gymboree store to do some holiday shopping. I had every intention of getting each of my kids their holiday outfits there, but when I saw the rest of the apparel and the deals on them, I couldn’t resist.  It probably didn’t help that I brought my daughter with me; she had about 10 things picked out before we made it to the middle of the store.

We didn’t end up leaving with any of the following items, but I couldn’t help but show them to you; I may have to go back and get a few of these!

GymboreeAren’t they adorable?!

Before I show you my finds I want to tell you what I love most about Gymboree (other than the adorable clothing, of course). Every.single.time I shop at Gymboree there are always great deals, sales, clearance items available, and because of that I can always get at least 2 items for each of my 4 kids and leave spending right around $100.  Sure, I may be able to get that much for them at certain other stores, but I know from experience that the quality there is junk, the clothes will stain, tear, fade or the like, and I’ll have wasted my money- something I can’t afford to do.  I also know from experience that I don’t have to worry much about those things with the clothes I purchase from Gymboree. Sure, stains may happen (impossible to keep kids from being messy) but I’ve found I have far more success getting out stains from our Gymboree clothes while still keeping the colors vibrant than with any other apparel I’ve purchased anywhere else.  That alone makes it worth it to me.

Now, on to the awesome stuff I got for my kids.  Between the sales that Gymboree had going on at the time I went, plus the coupons I had (sign up for the emails and you’ll get coupons regularly!), I was able to get 6 long sleeve tops, a sweater dress, a pair of matching leggings, a 4pack of matching hair clips, a tunic dress and matching headband, a boys’ tie, and an additional set of hair clips, all for $104.  From that purchase I received $50 in Gymbucks , and I earned points toward my Gymboree Rewards account.  This means even more savings on future purchases and other  Gymboree perks!

Long Sleeve Boy Tops LS Boys Tops LS toddler boys topsGirls apparelI don’t have photos of my son in his tie or my daughter wearing the Curly Hair Clips, but they are adorable and the kids look adorable in them! So you know what they look like:

tie and hair clipsWe  LOVE Gymboree!

If you’re looking for cute apparel to gift for the holidays, or if you’re trying to find the perfect holiday outfit for your littles, definitely head over to Gymboree.com or pop in to your local Gymboree store; You won’t be disappointed!

Holiday Button 200Amanda was also able to review Gymboree, and got the cutest holiday outfits for her kiddos! Check out her review here.

Would you like to shop for adorable, quality clothing at Gymboree? Enter to win a $75 Gymboree g/c by completing the giveaway form below. Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on 12/30. Good luck!


  1. Snow Bear Faux Fur Vest

  2. My son desperately needs new pants!! Plus I would like to get my girls matching dresses 🙂

  3. Sabrina Radke says

    We adore Gymboree! I would love to stock up on some spring clothes, I know it’s kinda early but I am ready for the warmth!

  4. joanna garcia says

    the in the circus outfit for girls!

  5. Teresa Honores says

    i love the Snowball Sculptor outfit for boys!

  6. Frost free jacket, jeans and long sleeve shirts.

  7. Penguin fleece hootie

  8. I would get the Fair Isle Sweater Dress for my daughter.

  9. Sandra VanHoey says

    I think i’d get the Quilted Peacoat for my grandson

  10. Jessica Beard says

    I’d get the Snowball Fight Double Sleeve Tee.

  11. i like the Winter Bluebird

  12. I’d get the Monkey Conductor Sweater Hat because OMG CUTE.

  13. I would buy the whole Snowflake Bunny outfit that just came out.

  14. I would get the Snowflake Gem Hoodie.

  15. Visited the site and I would purchase Super Hippo Pullover Sweater and the Fair Isle Sweater Cardigan for my son.

  16. I would love to get the purple and turquoise peacock sweater dress for my daughter!

  17. I would get the Furry Toggle Boots for sure and a dress to go with them for my baby girl

  18. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I love you panda pj set!

  19. Thomas Murphy says

    I would get the Microfleece Lined Puffer Jacket

  20. Courtnie Miller says

    I like the Stripe Sweater

  21. I would love to get a sweater dress for my daughter.

  22. Allison Downes says

    I would get the Kitty Sweater Cardigan

    Thank you for the chance to win this!

  23. I’d buy the Gem Button Ponte Dress for my little girl, and lots of colorful leggings and bike shorts for under her dresses.

  24. I like the snow bear cuddle buddy one piece newborn boy

  25. Jeremiah Bray says

    I will be purchasing the clothes my kids need for the new year

  26. christine jessamine says

    I like the kitties in a row outfit

  27. I LOVE the 1 2 3 Kitty Tee or any of the products from this line.

  28. Linda Treadwell says

    I need to buy lots of 3T clothes for my granddaughter, who keeps growing.

  29. I like the Sparkle Sweater Dress

  30. My boys would love the Hero t-shirts

  31. Mary Gardner says

    I like the girl’s Striped Cable Turtleneck Sweater!

  32. I would buy the Bundled Up Buffalo outfit for my son.

  33. We love Gymboree. I would buy the Prepared Polar Bear outfit for my son.

  34. Stephanie Phelps says

    If I won I would spend it in the girls jean shop and on Tassel Boots

  35. Super Epic Short Sleeve Tee

  36. Kimberly Bauer says

    I would buy my daughter the Gem Corsage Cardigan. So pretty.

  37. Stephanie Gossett says

    I would buy the Sequin Glitter Eye Mask Tee! Your kids are dolls! I love the hair clips too! Gymboree is such a nice brand. I would love to win, and dress my little girl in these cute clothes!

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  38. I like the colorblock ponte dress for my little girl

  39. Colleen Maurina says

    I really like their Boy’s Stripey Sidekick Outfit.

  40. I would get the fleece active hoodie for both of my boys!

  41. I would buy the Cozy Cubby Bear outfit for my new nephew. He is due next week!

  42. I would like to spend it on my son and daughter 🙂


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