MinuteClinic and CVS Have Your Family Covered This Cold and Flu Season- #MC

MinuteClinic logoI participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CVS MinuteClinic. I received promotional items as a thank you for participating.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with CVS, and if so you’re probably aware of the CVS MinuteClinic as well.  The MinuteClinic is a walk-in clinic located inside select CVS/pharmacy stores.  Board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants can diagnose, treat and prescribe (when clinically appropriate) for a variety of common family illnesses, such as strep throat, ear infections, pink eye and UTIs.  They’re open 7 days a week with evening hours, and no appointment is necessary. Simply walk in, sign in, and wait to be seen!  They accept most insurance or, if you don’t have insurance, they accept cash, checks or credit cards.

I personally have experienced a visit to the MinuteClinic, and was nothing but pleased with it.  During a switch of employment for my husband, our family was without insurance for a short period of time. Wouldn’t you know it, that was when I got sick.  Normally I don’t see the doctor unless I’m miserable, and let me tell you, I was miserable.  As a mom to 3 young children (at the time) I needed to be back to 100% as quickly as possible. I wasn’t sure what to do since we didn’t have insurance, so when my mom suggested I go to the MinuteClinic I decided to look into it.  I was relieved to see that the cost would be far less than my doctor and, though our budget was tight, we could still afford the price.  I knew the MinuteClinic was my best option and I headed over right away. 

I was in the room and being seen by the physician in a very reasonable time.  The knowledge of the physician on staff at the time was great, and she had me diagnosed and a prescription written in no time.  I was able to get home rather quickly to my family, and by the next day I was feeling so much better.  It was a huge relief on all accounts!

sickClearly sicknesses don’t care about insurance or lack thereof, mid-day or late-night, weekday or weekend; it hits when it hits and we can’t control it.  If you need a solution to the dilemma of where to go at those inconvenient times, or if your doctor’s office is full up with sick patients, consider MinuteClinic; It’s a convenient and affordable option!

Not sure whether you or your child has a cold or the flu? Check out the fact sheet below:

Symptom Cold Flu
Fever Rare Usual, high (100ºF-102°F [37.8ºC-38.8°C]) last 3-4 days
Headache Rare Common
General aches, pains Slight Usual; often severe
Fatigue, weakness Sometimes Usual, can last up to 2-3 weeks
Extreme exhaustion Never Usual; at the beginning of the illness
Stuffy nose Common Sometimes
Sneezing Usual Sometimes
Sore throat Common Sometimes
Chest discomfort, cough Mild to moderate, hacking cough Common; can become severe

Unsure of how best to prevent or treat your cold or flu?  Check this cold and flu information page on the MinuteClinic website; it has lots of great information to assist you! 

MinuteClinic and CVS are a great one-stop shop for cough-cold and flu needs. You can visit MinuteClinic to vaccinate, diagnosis, treat and prescribe for cough-cold and flu, and equip your house with wintertime cough-cold essentials at CVS.

During this cold and flu season, rest assured that MinuteClinic and CVS have you and your family covered. Connect with MinuteClinic on Twitter for tips and more!


  1. I worked at CVS for a few years in the pharmacy. Neither of the CVS stores in my town have the MinuteClinic, but I think it is such a great idea!

  2. joanna garcia says:

    i love that cvs has these minute clinics now they are such a life saver and love the cold and flu information page

  3. Teresa Honores says:

    we love the nurse practicioner at our local CVS Minute CLinic! They are the best and totally recommend it!

  4. My husband has use the minute clinic before. Its nice that they are close and easy to use.

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