Wordless Wednesday- Blooming

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  1. If you took this recently then I want you to know that we are no longer friends. JUST KIDDING. You know I love ya… but this snow is just not fair. LOL.

  2. joanna garcia says

    so beautiful! i love when flowers bloom!

  3. Teresa Honores says

    it is still sunny down here in florida, and just now we are getting our FL cold temp lol great to see you having good weather too!

  4. aww that is beautiful! I love it.

  5. Such a beautiful flower.. πŸ™‚

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  6. Very beautiful. It is so cold here in Kansas nothing this beautiful is still alive.

  7. this is a beautiful picture πŸ™‚ i love the peachy color

  8. hahahaha I think I remember you posting a photo of flowers blooming last year during Christmas. How cool to have that color in the midst of a dull winter!

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