I’m Here… Kinda

As you can see, I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of blogging… Too bad the holidays can’t last another month or more!  I’ve been busy with homeschool and life, cleaning and organizing and purging like crazy, and- most of all- have been enjoying being offline and away from social media (for the most part) and just spending time with my family.  Recently, most nights have turned into ‘family game night’, and we’ve been spending tons of time outside playing and relaxing; it’s been an amazing time of enjoying God’s gifts. 

All of that said, I do intend on being back here a bit more, I just need to make a schedule so I don’t find myself getting sucked into hours and hours of blog work again… That was no fun for me or my family and I’m so over it.  I’m sure I’ll be blogging all about my thoughts and what I *think* the future holds for me and this blog, but it means sitting down and actually blogging which- as you’ve seen- hasn’t been happening. I’ve also got some recipes I need to share with you, as well as a few reviews and giveaways so stick around!

Keep your eye out in the next few days for a review and giveaway of two super fun games from Wonder Forge, as well as a review and giveaway from Educational Insights! We’re having a blast with them!!


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