Incorporating Christmas Lights Into Your Wedding Decor

In less than 4 months we’ll be witnessing the marriage of close friends of ours. I grew up with the groom and consider him a brother, and his bride-to-be has quickly become someone I’d consider a dear friend as well.  We were already excited about their engagement, but we’re even more excited now that they’ve asked my husband to officiate their wedding! 

Of course all of this has me thinking of weddings and remembering my own. I’m less than a month shy of my 11th wedding anniversary. I was married before the world of Pinterest, and though I loved my wedding decor (for the most part) I’d do things completely different now that I’ve seen all of the ideas on Pinterest!  One of my best friends got married the year before me, and we’ve commiserated on this many-a-time. Our other best friend is single, but since we know she’ll be married someday (and since she has no desire to worry about planning now or when the time comes) she’s given us permission to plan her wedding.  To say we’re having a blast would be an understatement. We’ve created a Pinterest board with ideas, and when the day comes we’ll have tons of ideas to go on.

One thing I’m loving is the use of Christmas lights in decorating the wedding and reception area.  I had Christmas lights in the tents at my own reception, and I absolutely love the ambiance they create.  Depending on how they’re used, they can add tons of flair or a beautiful elegance.  Since we won’t know when her wedding will be and realize it may not be at the “right” time of year to get Christmas lights, I was thrilled to find a great selection of Christmas lights at that I can purchase any time of year!

I have a ton of different ideas pinned, but here are a few of my favorites:

chapel decorFor the chapel: Simple, beautiful, easy to incorporate wedding colors into it as well.

Reception BackdropAs a backdrop at the reception: More simple elegance.

christmas decorAs a centerpiece: Another simple elegance, also easy to incorporate wedding colors using colored ornaments.

wedding reception decorMore reception decor: Just gorgeous!

photo booth gift table backdropGift table backdrop or photo booth backdrop: Find out how to make this DIY backdrop on Wedding Bee!

There are so many great ways to incorporate Christmas lights into wedding decor! Did you use Christmas lights at your wedding? I’d love to get even more great ideas; Feel free to share your pins with me!


  1. I love the ornaments & lights in the vase! What a cool looking centerpiece and you could totally make that on a budget!

  2. Those are all such cute ideas! I love the one with them wrapped up in the tulle behind the head table- I would have loved that! There were lights at my venue &that’s part of why I chose the place, actually.

  3. LOVE those lights! They make everything so much more romantic, I think!

  4. These are some awesome ideas. I love the clear Christmas lights. You can do so much with them year round.

  5. We had lights in the topiaries at our wedding. They were very pretty. We didn’t need a lot of lights since our wedding was in the afternoon and there was plenty of sunshine to light the chapel and the reception area!

  6. We were married on a cruise, so I did not have to worry about any decorating for our wedding. However of all the events I have managed, white lights are very popular and add a romantic feel to things.

  7. I adore Christmas lights! Especially the white ones, they are such a classy way to add subtle lighting!

  8. So beautiful! First of all, I love Christmas lights and think they look gorgeous anywhere. I hadn’t thought of using them in a wedding, but it totally transforms the venue. Stunning.

  9. Every single one of those ideas are gorgeous! I would love to have that backdrop when my husband and I renew our vows.

  10. So beautiful! I am getting married in 3 months and loved this post

  11. I love the idea of Christmas lights for a wedding too! And I saw the pin of the lights under a sheer white curtain! I want to do that in my home! LOL Corny? Maybe……..

  12. There’s something magical and elegant about little white lights. I love your ideas!

  13. This is really such a fantastic idea, it’s so pretty and elegant. I’ve seen Christmas lights used for other things like night lights in kids rooms and patio decoration but never thought to use this kind of lighting for weddings. Love the idea!

  14. Oh mannn! That one photo with the lights on the tall branches in those big pots is phenomenal!!! Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I’d had something like that when I got married, ahem…16 years ago. I was really young when I got married. 😀

  15. I used to string lights across the ceiling of the children’s room at my library. I loved the way they looked across the room, pretending that they were stars and changing the colors. I think I will have to get another set.

  16. Gorgeous! I love the idea of using Christmas lights in an unconventional way. Looks like this wedding will be a magical one!

  17. Oh wow! Everything is so Pretty! I love the backdrop curtains at the wedding!

  18. That is extremely gorgeous. I don’t understand why they have to be called Christmas lights because they have so many versatile usages. I know a lot of beauty youtubers who put the lights across the background to make it a bit prettier

  19. I just LOVE the sparkle! These can definitely be used any time of year, and they bring the perfect level of “bling” to any wedding ceremony.

  20. joanna garcia says

    love the backdrop and reception decor! i agree i love the christmas lights esp if it is at night it makes it more cozy for some reason! great ideas!

  21. Aren’t white christmas lights the best!! I love to see the all year!

  22. Wow! The lights look so pretty behind the sheers!!

  23. We had a NYE wedding and used a lot of different christmas lights in our decor. I loved the effect it created.

  24. What a brilliant idea and it looks very festive with a touch of romance. I like this one.

  25. These are such awesome ideas! And so pretty too!

  26. Teresa Honores says

    We did not do a wedding party but these ideas are spectacular and i would totally use the christmas light it changes the demeanor and scene to something romantic! I love the Gift table backdrop or photo booth backdrop and the decorations of the lights in the aisle! absolutely beautfiul! your friend is lucky to have creative people on her side!

  27. My sister actually used white Christmas lights at her wedding reception! They strung them all over the garden where the reception took place.

  28. We used white Christmas lights around the room at our wedding reception and had chinese lanterns strung across the room with white led lights inside.

  29. I am a sucker for white Christmas lights! I think they add a little magic to everything! Beautiful.

  30. Beautiful! The more lights the better! These are great ideas!

  31. Lights are an awesome idea. You never know what you can do with them. Very versatile.

  32. Wow, what beautiful ideas. I am so excited for you to be able to celebrate this special day with close friends. I am sure it will be a wonderful and beautiful event 🙂

  33. My cousin strung Christmas lights in arcs across the ceiling of the reception hall for her wedding, and it was so pretty! I love white lights any time of year, anyway 🙂

  34. Wow, that backdrop idea is beautiful! These white lights could have so many uses in a wedding.

  35. Kimberley O says

    I love that backdrop, the lighting is gorgeous. I spent a lot of time wedding planning and would love to plan a vowel renewal next!

  36. I love these ideas. Something I will have to keep in mind when one of my kids get married. 🙂


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