Papa Murphy’s *New* Fresh Pan Pizza #Review #PapaMurphysMNO

logoThis post is part of a promotional program with Papa Murphy’s and MomSelect. All thoughts expressed are my own.

Even though I am a stay-at-home mom and am home a lot more than working moms, I am still always crazy busy.  If I’m good about meal planning there are very few days I have to scramble to have dinner ready, but sometimes life just gets going a million miles an hour and I totally space it.  Next thing you know, it’s 4:30 and I remember it’s time to start dinner. Whoops!  What to do? Pizza is quick and easy, and delicious too!

Other days- even when I have dinner planned and meat thawed and everything ready to go- we are all just in the mood for pizza.  My husband grew up in a family where every Friday night was pizza night, and while we don’t do pizza weekly, we do enjoy it on a regular basis.

Papa Murphys Pan pizzaSo, be it the “whoops, I forgot to plan dinner and it’s almost time to eat” nights or the “we really want pizza for dinner instead of what you have planned” nights, Papa Murphy’s is a fantastic option for us!  Papa Murphy’s pizza is made to order and completely customizable with your favorite fresh ingredients.  It’s great for us because I can call at 4:30 when I’ve realized I’ve completely forgotten dinner, pick it up at 5pm and have it ready by the time my husband gets home from work. On the days when we’re craving pizza, I can call anytime during the day, pick it up and have it waiting in the fridge and ready to pop in the oven whenever I want, and serve it fresh to my family.

We love their Take ‘n’ Bake Pizzas and have gotten them for years (the Chicago Style Stuffed and the Veggie delite are our favorites), but now Papa Murphy’s has a new addition to the menu: Papa Murphy’s Fresh Pan pizza! 

pan pizzaEvery Fresh Pan Pizza starts with flour, water and yeast. These simple ingredients, combined by hand daily in each of our stores, are mixed and then left to proof for 12 hours in happy little dough balls. These dough balls are pressed into our pans and then topped with your favorite sauce, 100% whole-milk mozzarella, hand-sliced fresh veggies, and butcher-quality meats. There’s so much freshness on this pizza, we decided to put it in the name.  Papa Murphy’s Fresh Pan pizza is a must-try for serious pizza lovers! The irresistible buttery crust bakes up golden brown and perfectly crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. The rich crust is the perfect canvas for Papa Murphy’s fresh, high-quality toppings and will come piping hot out of your oven at the exact point of pizza perfection!

We had the opportunity to try this new Fresh Pan pizza last night, and it was awesome! Once again, I loved the convenience of being able to call earlier in the day to place my order, pick it up when I was ready, and then pop it in the oven and serve it fresh when I was ready.   We had another busy day so not having to worry about dinner was such a relief for me. 

oven readyAfter the oven pre-heated it took only 15 minutes of baking before it was done, which was nice because everyone was “starving”! Of course, it didn’t hurt that the pizza was delicious as well!

Hot pizzaI love love love crust, so the pan pizza made me happy just for the thicker buttery crust alone.  Usually my kids don’t like the crust (or “pizza bones” as my 3-year-old calls them) and that means mommy gets to eat their crust too. Unfortunate for me, they all tried the crust and loved it… and ate it. Mama didn’t get any extra crust. šŸ™  The pepperoni and sausage topping were really good, of course, but what we notice most with Papa Murphy’s pizza is that the cheese tastes so much better than other pick-up/delivery pizza places we order from occasionally.  We can clearly taste the quality, fresh ingredients used in Papa Murphy’s pizza.

Garden SaladAlong with the pizza we also ordered 2 Garden Salads, one with Ranch dressing and one with Italian dressing.  It’s important to me that my family has vegetables and/or fruit with every meal.  The salad was a nice compliment to the pizza, and since the additions of olives and green peppers made the salad different than the ones I make, the kids seemed to love it even more. They had seconds of salad!

Pizza and SaladIf you’re looking for a quick, easy, affordable meal without sacrificing healthy, fresh ingredients, definitely head over to Papa Murphy’s and pick yourself up one of their new Fresh Pan Pizzas and a Garden Salad. Check their website for a $2 off coupon, and then be sure to sign up for Papa Murphy’s eClub for specials and coupons all year round!


  1. That pizza looks awesome. Sometimes I get leery about making pizzas at home because they are never as good as the ones from restaurants, but this looks amazing!!

  2. That pizza looks amazing! I love pan pizza!

  3. teresa mccluskey says

    Okay I wanted to eat the screen just now! Yumm-o I think I am gonna try and make this at home for my family!

  4. I went through a long phase of making frozen pizza for a few years. I have tried most of them on the market and always hated DiGiorno because it was cheaper and easier to just call Dominos (which are both crap!) I wish I had a Papa Murphy’s in my area! I just googled them and would be here weekly, as I too came from Friday-night is “pizza night” family. It all looks so fresh, especially the salad!

  5. Looks delicious – I am a huge fan of pan pizza!

  6. Oh that looks so good! We had our first Papa Murphy’s for Valentines day and it was so good! We all loved it! It had such a great taste…non greasy! The new Fresh pan looks so good…oh cant wait to go over and pick one up!

  7. I like the look of the salads! And the ranch dressing looks yummy too. It’s good for digestion to add a salad to a pizza meal šŸ™‚

  8. Oh goodness! That is one delicious looking pizza. I have never had Papa Murphy’s before but have heard many good things. I love my pizza with pineapple on it!

  9. This sounds delicious! What a fab idea.

  10. I’m not sure if we have Papa Murphy’s here in Canada. The meal sounds delish though!

  11. That looks delicious! The perfect weeknight meal when your day was just crazy.

  12. Yum! Pizza and salad is always our go-to meal. I’ve never heard of Papa Murphy’s, but what a great concept. I’ll have to check it out.

  13. I love making pizza at home. I had never heard of Papa Murphy’s but a good idea, do they offer any whole wheat crust options?

  14. Papa Murphy’s looks and sounds delicious! I’d totally try it.

  15. This sounds and looks so delicious! What a great product, I would really like to try!

  16. I just had pizza for lunch! It’s a great weekend meal!

  17. Papa Murphy’s pizza is the best. My husband stops there on his way home from work and brings at least 2 pizzas home and a salad for me. Love love it!!

  18. Amy Desrosiers says

    This looks like some awesome salads and pizza! I would love to try Papa Murphy’s!

  19. My family also likes to eat pizza on a regular basis. It is one of those meals that pleases everyone.

  20. My belly just growled reading this post. What a yummy brand this is, pizza is a favorite around my household.

  21. This looks great. I just checked and the closest one to me is almost 2 hours away šŸ™

  22. Mmm…that looks delicious! I’m from Chicago so I love pan pizza – this one looks good enough to give it a try!

  23. Wow that looks so good! We usually eat Dignorno but we’re going to have to give this a try!

  24. I think it’s pretty awesome that you can add your own toppings. Definitely a fun family meal.

  25. I’ve never heard of Papa Murphy’s but the Pizza looks great. The veggies look very fresh as well..

  26. joanna garcia says

    I have heard of this before and hope they open one in my area! that is so cool that you make it and bake at home with fresh and natural ingredients! wow if they ate the crust it must be good none of my kids eat crust so i would love to test that out on them too!

  27. Oh, yummmm! I love Papa Murphy’s! We were first introduced to them when our family went to Alaska to visit friends and sightsee. I thought it was the most incredible idea and delicious, too! Now there is one just minutes from our house. When life is crazy with school, extra curricular activities, private lessons, and volunteering (when isn’t it?!) we order a couple of Papa Murphy’s pizzas (my fave is the Garlic Chicken, hubby’s is the Cowby, and the kids like the Veggie pizza and the Extreme (?) Pepperoni!) and we can’t forget the awesome pull-apart garlic bread, too! They also have refrigerated cookie dough that we have bought on occasion…many times it is consumed before baking! HAHA!

  28. Oh, yummmm! I love Papa Murphy’s! We were first introduced to them when our family went to Alaska to visit friends and sightsee. I thought it was the most incredible idea and delicious, too! Now there is one just minutes from our house. When life is crazy with school, extra curricular activities, private lessons, and volunteering (when isn’t it?!) we order a couple of Papa Murphy’s pizzas (my fave is the Garlic Chicken, hubby’s is the Cowboy, and the kids like the Veggie pizza and the Extreme (?) Pepperoni!) and we can’t forget the awesome pull-apart garlic bread, too! They also have refrigerated cookie dough that we have bought on occasion…many times it is consumed before baking! HAHA!

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