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LightScoop DeluxeI was sent the following product for review purposes. All thoughts expressed are my own.

I don’t know that I’ve taken more pictures in my lifetime than I have since having kids.  The pictures weren’t always the best quality, but they were enough to make me happy; I love having so many special moments captured “on film” forever! Once I started doing reviews on my blog I began taking even more pictures, but this time I was far more concerned about the quality of my photos.  I began to be less thrilled with the quality of all of my photos, not just review photos.  I wanted the photos I took to actually look like they did when I saw ‘the moment’ with my own eyes, and I just wasn’t getting that with my camera.

I was blessed to be able to buy a pretty decent DSLR camera a few years back, and although that upped the quality of my photos significantly, I still had issues when trying to get decent photos inside- especially in my home!  Being that I’m a homeschool mom, we spend a lot of time at home. Be it taking photos of my kids, or taking photos of review products, it was next to impossible to get a shot indoors that didn’t look washed out by the flash, have crazy shadows, or unsightly (and creepy) red eye. Nope, getting good photos inside my house was a luxury I wasn’t going to have.

You see, my house is a cave. No, I don’t live in an actual cave, but the lighting is horrible. Because of the AZ heat, most of our windows are either covered by a patio or shrubbery of some sort in order to keep it cooler. There is little to no natural lighting at all, and it’s even worse in the summertime when all blinds and curtains are kept closed to help keep it cooler in the house.  I had resorted to trying to take most of my review photos outdoors (natural lighting is the best lighting, after all), and also reluctantly resorted myself to the fact that any photos of my kids indoors were probably not going to be the best.  Those cute, in the moment photos would forever have to be edited significantly to be anywhere near what I saw when looking with my own eyes. After all, it’s not like I could have them freeze the moment and finish it outdoors where I could get a decent photo.  All hope was lost…

And then I saw Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop…  All hope was not lost!

Professor Kobré’s Lightscoop was created by Ken Kobre, head of the photojournalism program at San Fransisco State University.  His Lighscoop products are the only camera accessories that instantly and dramatically improve the quality of pop-up flash photos. The Lightscoop bounces and redirects the dSLR or advanced compact camera’s flash to a ceiling or wall like professionals do with their expensive external strobes (something this mama just can’t afford). The bounce creates a larger source of light, and it brings in softer, more diffused light from a more natural direction than from the camera, itself.

How it worksThe results are quite impressive. I’d seen a few reviews of the Lightscoop and I was really curious to see just what a difference it would make in my dark house.

I had the opportunity to review the Lightscoop Deluxe. The Lightscoop Deluxe folds and swivels, allowing you to turn the mirror towards the ceiling at an optimized angle.  I was surprised at how small the Lightscoop is; it fits in the palm of my hand.  It was very easy to slip on to my camera as well. 

Lighscoop DeluxeCould something this small and this simple really make that big of a difference? YES!

I’d been playing around with taking photos here and there around the house and was already impressed, but I hadn’t had the photo opportunity I was hoping for until last night. You see, I wanted a photo that I didn’t have to create- no getting the kids to pose, no grabbing a product and setting it up to take photos.  And then my adorable little guy decided he wanted to cuddle up with daddy and I knew I had to grab my camera. I tried to be discreet so I could get one without them looking, and although that didn’t work, the photos still turned out amazing.

Here is the one I took using no flash, just the natural light (or lack thereof) in our living room:

C&daddy no flashNext, the photo using the flash (you can see they’re not thrilled with the flash going off in their faces):

C&daddy with flashAnd then the photo using the Lightscoop:

C&daddy with lightscoopI love it!  The Lightscoop came in handy again today when our homeschool group took the kids to the Sea Life Aquarium.  The lighting there is dim for the “underwater effect” (I’m guessing?) and with the glass on all of the displays I knew using the flash without the Lightscoop would be ugly on that glass.  I was thrilled with so many of the photos I took using the Lightscoop, but when we were able to get all of the kids together for a photo I was SO happy I had the Lightscoop.  The photo just wouldn’t have turned out properly without it.

Homeschool GroupAs you can see, the Lightscoop is an amazing product. I really couldn’t live without it now that I have it!

banner250This is a great product for anyone who uses a camera to take photos, which pretty much means anyone and everyone.  With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, why not purchase a Lightscoop for the mother in your life?  Chances are she takes lots of photos of the things she loves and would appreciate a product that makes those photos even more unforgettable.

If you’d love to try the Lightscoop for yourself, or if you know the perfect person to gift the Lightscoop to, you’re going to want to enter this giveaway for a Lightscoop Deluxe!  Simply complete the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on 5/21 and is open to US residents.  Good luck!
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  1. Amanda Alvarado says

    There are no dealers in my area! 🙁 The closest one is in San Antonio, TX and that’s 3.5 hrs away!

  2. I love that it creates the “window lighting” with a flash!

  3. Alesha! What a wonderful review of the Lightscoop! We’re thrilled that you’ve found it so helpful. LOVE your comparison pictures. Wow, what a difference! Thank you for helping us spread the word!

  4. there are three kinds of lightscoops available

  5. Cassandra Eastman says

    Wow! I can’t believe the difference lightscoop makes. I learned you can change mirrors, they have gold, red, blue and green!

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