Revolution Foods Meal Kits- A Healthy, Conventient Lunch Option for Kids #MC

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Trying to find a variety of lunches for my kids can be a challenge.  They get sick of having the same few meals, and I get tired of trying to come up with different, healthier options for their lunches.  In addition, there are days that we are running like crazy and so a quick meal is necessary. Those quick meals tend to be less healthy than usual since I’m literally grabbing a handful of things they can eat quick or take with us on the go.

We were all excited to have the chance to try Revolution Foods Meal Kits!  Revolution Foods Meal Kits are ready-to-eat meals made with natural, high quality ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. There are four delicious meal kit options- ham and cheddar, turkey and cheddar, peanut butter & jelly, and cheese pizza. The meats have no added nitrates and the kits come with real cheese, and each Revolution Foods Meal Kit contains at least seven grams of whole grains, one serving of fruit and is packed with protein. 

ham & cheese kitOur local Safeway carries the Revolution Foods Meal Kits, but only two of the three options were available; turkey and cheddar, and cheese pizza. I let them choose which they each wanted, and all four of them chose the turkey and cheddar kit.  I know if the peanut butter & jelly were available at least one of my kids would have chosen that one, so I was a bit bummed that wasn’t an option. Hopefully it will carry more options soon!

Since my husband and I were going to be busy the following afternoon getting ready to leave town for a wedding, I knew it would be the perfect time to break out the Revolution Foods Meal Kits.  I was relieved to have something ready to serve to them which required literally no work on my part, and knowing it was a healthy, tasty option for them!  The turkey & cheddar meal kit includes oven roasted turkey, real cheddar cheese slices, honey wheat crackers and strawberry 100% fruit snack.

Turkey & Cheddar Meal KitMy kids have had other meal kits before and love them, but I know those other brands don’t always offer the healthiest options. Of course my kids noticed right off the bat that these healthy meal kits didn’t include a mini chocolate bar, and although these came with a fruit snack, my kids were a bit bummed out that they didn’t get “real candy”.  I didn’t tell them these were “healthy kits” because I didn’t want them to have an opinion of the taste before they actually tasted them. 

Love the Revolution Meal KitsThey all loved them (which is saying a lot when you’ve got 4 kids). My oldest commented specifically on how good the crackers were, and I heard very little talk out of them the entire time they ate;  They just kept packing in bite after bite!  The best part about it was when they each individually commented on how good the fruit snack was; gone was the disappointment of not getting “real candy” with their meal kit. 

Strawberry 100 fruit snackThey were also excited to see that there was a word search inside the box for them to do while they ate.

word searchI am so happy to have this quick, convenient, healthy option for my kids’ lunches.  While the price is a bit higher than the other meal kit brands, I’m happy to pay it knowing my kids are getting a healthier meal packed with protein, whole grains and fruit.  Plus, we’re all happy to have a few more meal choices when it comes to lunch time!  We’re hoping it won’t be long before Revolution Foods offers even more than three meal kit options- I’m sure the kids would love a new flavor for each day of the week! 😉

Check out your local Safeway to purchase the Revolution Foods Meal Kits for your kids’ lunches.  Use this coupon for a discount for 1.00 OFF one (1) 2.8oz – 4.2oz Revolution Foods Meal Kit!

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  1. shelly peterson says:

    Looks like they enjoyed them! have not heard of these before. I know my kids would like them.

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