Finding My Blogging Motivation in 2015

2015It’s a new year, and after my nice long break (and a major cut back on posting and commitments as the year came to a close due-in part- to my losing the joy I had in blogging) I’m having a very hard time finding motivation to post. It’s been so wonderful spending time with my family, not worrying about deadlines, avoiding the computer completely on some days. Such a change. I’ve loved it.

And yet a part of me is ready to have those commitments again because being a blogger is something I enjoy, something I take pride in. Working with companies I love (some who I grew up loving and have been so honored to work with), sharing products with my readers that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing… It’s been amazing and has made this mom (who sometimes feels like I have nothing ‘important’ to offer despite knowing my job as a stay-at-home-mom is ridiculously important) feel like I have something to offer to others. But that little thing called motivation is missing, in part because I have no deadlines to make me post and feel like anything else wouldn’t be interesting enough. Haha. But seriously, when did I start caring about what’s interesting?

I have a few personal posts sitting in my drafts folder, but for some reason I’m having a hard time finishing them and sharing. I was just commenting to a friend how it’s strange because, at one time, my blog was exclusively a “personal blog”.  I had no trouble writing and sharing personal posts about my life, my thoughts, my struggles. This blog was my outlet, and I enjoyed it with no care if it interested anyone. But since my blog shifted to more of a review/giveaway blog (which I also enjoy) the thought of sharing anything personal seems almost, well, a bit too personal.

And yet here I am, sharing a personal-ish post… Huh.

Then there’s food… If you’re a regular reader (or take a quick look at my most recent handful of posts) you know I love to cook, share new recipes, find new recipes… Okay, I pretty  much love anything food related. I’m still cooking and coming up with fun recipes and goodies, but have yet to sit down and write up a post about any of them. Which is sad, really, because they’re awesome.

The struggle is real. I know many bloggers deal with this from time to time, so I’m normal. Imagine that. Time will tell where I go from here, but I really hope to find a bit of that joy and motivation that I used to have; a bit of the balance I used to feel I had in life and blogging together…

Here’s to a new year and new goals!

What do YOU do to help you find your motivation, to bring back the joy to the things you used to enjoy doing?

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