Repair Damaged Hair with the Dessange Paris Oleo Miracle Collection #Review

Oleo Miracle Replinishing CollectionIn a post a few months ago I shared with you my dry hair/scalp woes. My hair is crazy dry and I was suffering from a peeling scalp; gross. At first I thought it was dandruff but after asking my stylist about it I was told it was just so horribly dry it was peeling- almost like a sunburn. I’ve been trying different hair products hoping to find the perfect one for me, so I was excited when Influenster sent me the Oleo Miracle Collection from Dessange Paris, which included their replenishing shampoo, conditioner, and oil.

Oleo Miracle Collection is a hair care line infused with nutrients from nature’s most precious oils. Bolstering delicious notes of orange, gardenia petals and sandalwood, the reparative collection works to help transform hair suffering from thermal, chemical, and environmental damage for a visibly softer, healthier look. Offering intense nourishment, the formulas are infused with three kay natural oils: Argan Oil, Camelia Oil, and Pracaxi Oil, leaving hair smooth, bounce and manageable. 

You can see why I was excited, right? The first thing I noticed upon using these products was the smell, which is an earthy, musky smell. Not my typical choice (I typically go for fruity or floral), but seriously still super good. My husband loves it, and I have had quite a few compliments on how good my hair smells since using these products.

So here’s the three-step routine to healthier hair:

-First, the Oleo Miracle Replenishing Shampoo is DESSANGE’s first shampoo infused with micro-drops of precious oils. The lightweight formula offers supreme nourishment to hair without weighing it down. It lathers well and rinses clean.

-The second step to the Oleo Miracle ritual is a shine-boosting conditioner which repairs the external layer of the hair’s fiber for healthier, restored strands. I’ve found it doesn’t take much of this on my thick, long hair to adequately cover. My hair doesn’t feel particularly ‘soft’ while rinsing, but coming through my hair post-shower is effortless so I know it’s working.

-Lastly, the oil- a leave-in treatment that nourishes dry, damaged hair without leaving a greasy residue. All it takes is a few drops (or more, depending on how much hair you have). My hair is thick and long, so I just 3 dime-sized amounts, applied separately to each third of my hair. It doesn’t make my hair look or feel greasy or oily at all. I don’t wash my hair every day because of the dryness, and even after two days unwashed it still isn’t greasy. 

Healthy hairI have loved how much healthier my hair feels. I know the use of all three of the products is recommended, but I really think the oil has made a huge difference since it’s a leave in. Unfortunately I noticed my scalp had started to peel just days after using these products, and I immediately figured out why. One look at the bottle of shampoo showed there is sodium lauryl sulfate in it. Sodium lauryl sulfate- and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS)– are very common chemicals used in most shampoos. They are a cleaning agent, but can dry out hair and scalp. I have discovered that these chemicals have been the cause of my peeling scalp and as long as I’m sure my shampoo doesn’t contain them I have no issues. Unfortunately the Oleo Miracle shampoo does have SLS in it so sadly, I’ve had to stop using it. I am, however, using the conditioner and replenishing oil every time and my hair still looks and feels (and smells) amazing! I am loving it!

I was worried about the convenience of purchasing more once I run out, but discovered that I can purchase these products at Target! I find myself at Target on a very regular basis and am stoked that I can pick more up as soon as I run out. Be sure and check out Target for these products, and find your hair quickly on it’s way to looking and feeling amazing!

If you’re interested in signing up for Influenster for your opportunity to try amazing products and sharing your experience, sign up using my referral link here. It’s a blast!


  1. This sounds like an amazing product! I have terrible split ends and damage from coloring. I really need to give this a try.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I flat iron my hair every single day, so it is extremely dry. This sounds like an amazing product line,

  3. My hair is so dry and damaged. I don’t even know where to begin with it. I will have to check this out!

  4. I’ve switched to a more natural shampoo, to help with my dry and damaged hair. I make sure to stay away from SLS too.

  5. My hair is really dry. I definitely need to try this and see if it helps.

  6. Debbie Denny says

    Sounds like a perfect product. Would be good for mine.

  7. Something about the packaging and the color I just knew it was going to have a musk or a spice smell. I have been having the same thing happen with my scalp. Skin so dry its pealing. It almost hurts sometimes.

  8. My heat tools have done some major damage to my hair. These products sound like a great way to get the moisture and softness added back in!

  9. I just used Dessange to help my color treated hair. Really helped with the brassiness.

  10. I like that the oil treatment is leave-in. I could def. use that this time of year. It’s been a long winter.

  11. Oil treatment sounds great right now. My hair could use some TLC

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This is definitely a product i need to try. I have found my hair got very dry over the winter.

  13. I get a dry itchy scalp too sometimes. I just started only washing my hair every other day.

  14. My hair is in bad shape from bleaching it and thyroid problems. I really need something to help repair the damage.

  15. After winter my hair is a horrible mess too! Thanks for the recommendation, you had great results!

  16. Great recommendations! I am always looking for help with my hair.

  17. I’d never heard of this product before. Sounds like something I’d like to try. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Julie Wood says

    This hair care products look amazing and I would love to try and use these to repair my damaged hair! Your hair looks great in the picture!

  19. I need these for my hair. Thank you for the review!

  20. I’m going to have to try Dessange, maybe this could help my hair. Thanks for the information.

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