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Spring is here in sunny Arizona, and despite the crazy weather around the country these past few months, sooner or later Spring will be coming to wherever you are, too. With the change in seasons comes the daunting task of putting away the kids’ Winter clothes and breaking out lighter clothing for the warming days. We’re blessed to have hand-me-downs for the kids that cover most of what we need, but there’s always something that needs replacing. OshKosh B’Gosh has everything you need for a new spring wardrobe. From clothing to accessories, shoes and active wear, OshKosh is the place to go for a new spring look.

Spring outfitSince becoming a mother almost 11 years ago (wow, how does the time fly so fast?!) I have learned a few very important things about kids’ clothing.

First, not all brands are created equal. We’ve tried multiple times to buy the cheapest clothing we could find in an effort to stretch our budget (especially when we added more kids to the family) but it didn’t take long to discover that we ended up spending far more in the long run because those clothes would shrink, fade, get holes (even when merely washing them) or just completely fall apart and we’d have to replace them. Turns out spending slightly more money on quality, name brand clothes ends up saving us money in the long run, not only because the clothes don’t fall apart after a few wears, but because they keep standing up to the roughest treatment these crazy kids can dole out, year after year after year.

Second, hand-me-downs are a life saver. I cannot being to imagine how much we would have spent in clothing if it weren’t for friends and family passing clothes along. We, in turn, have done the same for those with kids younger than ours. It’s so fun to see a favorite romper, onesie or polo shirt on the adorable kiddos we’re surrounded by! I can tell you that there are only a handful of brand clothing that outlasts years of kids, and OshKosh has always been one of them. OshKosh is AMAZING, quality clothing that continues to outlast being handed down from kid to kid- not just in our immediate family but through our church and homeschool co-op as well. There is something to be said about quality clothing that lasts, since it’s not an easy thing to come by these days.

My kids always look forward to a trip to the OshKosh store. One walk in the door brings excitement as bright colored clothing, fun patterns and prints and innumerous style options await. I had a mental list of a few of the items we needed to get for the kids, but I also let them pick a few things they liked. Since Easter was fast approaching I knew I wanted to get them each an Easter outfit for church. We had a hard time finding something, not because there weren’t options. In fact, it was quite the opposite! There were so many things we all loved it was hard to narrow it down to one thing. The kids looked absolutely perfect on Easter in their new OshKosh outfits!

Easter Outfit CEaster outfit EEaster Outfit BOf course I had to pick up some of the OshKosh classic denim by way of new jeans for my boys. And then my daughter… typical girl, gotta have more clothes, clothes, clothes! She picked out a super cute outfit (pictured at the top of this post)- the bright colors are so fun! She’s going to be sad here in another year or so when she can no longer fit into OshKosh’s clothing (like her big brother went through not long ago) but for now we’re just stoked their clothing goes up to size 12!

OshKosh selectionWhether you’re looking for a new outfit or swim suit for the kids for an upcoming vacation, want to stock up on Spring clothes for the kiddos, or just need to replace a few items in their wardrobe, OshKosh has whatever you need. Check the OshKosh Store Locator for a store near you, then download this coupon to save 25% on your purchase! Hurry, the coupon expires April 30!


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  1. Catherine S says

    They always have really nice clothes. I loved to shop at Oshkosh when my son was younger.

  2. I stopped by our local Osh Kosh store in Atlanta and saved a lot right before Easter thanks to a sale and a coupon!

  3. You said a mouthful when you said all children’s clothing brands are not created equal! I love your daughter’s little polka dot dress!

  4. I totally love OshKosh clothing!!! I always shopped there when my kids were younger, and now I’ll be doing so for my grandkids!

  5. The Oshkosh brand always means fun designs and quality clothes. I loved buying Oshkosh when my kids were younger as I knew the clothes would last and I could even pass then on to other kids. Thanks for the coupon.

  6. I love all of the outfits you chose and all of the bright colors that seem to be in style. OshKosh is an awesome place to shop for seasonal trends!

  7. Those outfits are super cute. I keep trying to tell kiddo that they have stuff for her size/age and she just doesn’t want anything to do with that store anymore. Makes me sad.

  8. I really am loving all of the spring collections; such wonderful selections to choose from at affordable prices. I appreciate you sharing a few different choices that you liked!

  9. Why did I think that Osh Kosh was just for young kids and not the older ones. For some reason, I thought the sizes stopped at like size 4.

  10. Every single thing you picked looks great. I have to say though, that polka dot dress is amazing!

  11. My husband and I were just saying how we needed to get our 4-year-old new clothes. I forgot how cute Osh Kosh clothes for boys were!

  12. Love Oshkosh! They have amazing stuff. Love getting my kids clothes from there… They last!

  13. Those are really cute clothes! I used to shop at Osh Kosh a lot when my son was younger and could fit in their clothes!

  14. How cute is that dress!. I love Oshkosh they have the cuties clothes.

  15. Julie Wood says

    We love OshKosh clothing for Spring and you sure got some nice clothes for your kids! I think the styles are so fashionable and their clothes last a long time!

  16. Such cute styles! I love their tee designs for my grandsons. One of my favorite places to shop, for sure!

  17. My niece loves her OshKosh clothes. She loves their dresses especially.

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