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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) was established nationally in 1983 to help children by actively supporting improved health care for millions of young people around the world. CMNH’s mission is to generate funds and awareness programs for the benefit of children served by its associated hospitals, now numbering more than 170 nationwide. They’ve helped countless numbers of children, including 9 year old Hannah from North Dakota.

2014 ND Champion-HannahHere is her story:

No matter what Hannah goes through, she always jumps back up with a smile. Hannah has already conquered the osteosarcoma bone cancer in her right arm by refusing to let it get in her way.

Recently undergoing surgery on her right arm and leg to remove the tumor, Hannah didn’t despair, even though she is right-handed. Instead she instantly switched to her left hand and began drawing designs to put on her temporary wheelchair.

Hannah’s unwavering resilience tends to rub off on those around her. While hospitalized for a fever, Hannah surveyed her hospital floor to count how many kids there were. She then created cards for every child and secretly delivered them to each room. Hannah’s gesture comforted and encouraged many families, and they began to look to her for inspiration.

Hannah just finished chemotherapy and can now be found running, swimming, riding her bike or playing ball or simply enjoying the outdoors.

CMN Hospitals funds provided Hannah with the psychosocial support of child life services and distractions tools, the Bravery Bead program and the hospital’s nitrous oxide sedation program.

Did you know:

  • One in 10 kids in North America is treated by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals each year
  • Every day, member hospitals treat 16,000 children in emergency rooms
  • Every hour, member hospitals provide surgery for 97 children
  • U.S. members hospitals provided $3.4 billion in charity care in 2012

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is definitely an organization we need to support. Walmart and Pampers are donating $200,000 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in June of 2015, and you can help too!  Your support helps provide 32 million patient visits for 10 million kids every year. For more information about how you can help, visit

CMNH infographic

Walmart has generously offered a $25 Walmart gift card to one lucky winner. To enter, complete the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on 7/11/15, and is open to US residents only. Good luck!

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  1. I have not had any experience with any of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals but I have made donations.

  2. I don’t have a personal experience with CMN and don’t know anyone who has

  3. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I don’t have any personal experience with CMN but I’ve donated to them before.

  4. Barbara Montag says

    I do not have any experience with these hospitals.
    I am hearing great things about them.
    thank you

  5. shelly peterson says

    I have not had any personal experiences with the CMNH but I think it’s great how many families they help.

  6. James Robert says

    No personal experiences but have watched and heard of many miracles that has happened with them. It is amazing

  7. Julie Wood says

    I do not have a personal experience with CMN, but I have donated to this charity, and think they are so awesome in helping children!

  8. I don’t have a personal story with CMN but I have donated in the past.

  9. I don’t have experience with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, but I appreciate the work they do to help kids.

  10. janetfaye says

    I do not have experience with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

  11. Sarah Hayes says

    i do not but I know so many lives have been touched by this great place

  12. amy pugmire says

    we used them this last spring for my daughter. They were amazing.

  13. clarissa says

    last summer one of my children ended up with Meningitis and Encephalitis and he was life flighted to one. We had a fantastic experience with all the drs, nurses and staff there.

  14. janetfaye says

    I do not have experience with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

  15. steve weber says

    My best friend growing up had Leukemia – Children’s Hospital took good care of him.

  16. This is the first I’ve heard of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, so I don’t have a story. I’m very glad to find out about it!

  17. Amanda Alvarado says

    I haven’t had any experiences with CMNH but I think this partnership is a great idea and more companies should be doing it!

  18. I do not have any personal stories relating to Childrens Miracle Network, but I know they are wonderful and do so much for so many.

  19. Amy Orvin says

    I don’t nor do I know anyone who has a personal story for CMNH.

  20. Rebecca Kellerman says

    I do not know of anyone who has a had a personal story with CMNH.

    • I don’t have a personal story, but I love Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I think they do wonderful work.

  21. Trey Smith says

    No I don’t have an experience. All I hope is that they don’t have the cure and they’re not releasing.

  22. Hi! I’m Grazy, I just want you to know that I posted your Walmart gift card giveaway on my site. I hope its fine with you. Here’s the link

  23. Thomas Murphy says

    I don’t have a personal journey with them.

  24. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I don’t have any personal experience with them.

  25. Birdiebee says

    I do not have a personal journey with CMN Hospitals but have heard and read so many great things about this organization.

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