Simple Ideas For A Happy And Healthy Home

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Your home is meant to be an oasis from the outside world. It’s the place where you and your family make the memories that will last a lifetime. Luckily, transforming your home into a healthy and happy place is a piece of cake with these simple tactics. With a splash of creativity and a bit of elbow grease, creating your paradise is as easy as 1-2-3.


Lighten Up

wall-mirror-modern-home-decoratingLight up your life. No, seriously. Creating a light space in your home can have a huge effect on your happiness, and there are so many easy ways to do it. Add in an elegant mirror to reflect already existing light and open up the space. Install a lamp in your living room’s dark corner and chase the sadness monsters away. Whitewash a wall or even some furniture to instantly add a brighter feeling. Even replacing dark, old curtains with light, flowing ones can be the trick your house needs to form an inviting, open space. The opportunities are endless!


Floral Fun

flowersOrdering flowers to your home is an easy way to brighten up your living space. With little effort, you’ll get natural air filters, fresh scents, and a pop of color that is sure to put a smile on your face. Beautiful bouquets straight to your doorstep? Yes, please. The ring of a doorbell never sounded so good.


Photo Fashion

Studies have shown that photos of smiling loved ones can make us happier, so get creative with your framing and display your family and friends around the house. These pictures serve as easy reminders of fun times, guaranteeing an instant nostalgic smile. Collage frames make adding a statement wall an easy task and hanging photos with clothespins from a pseudo-clothing line can create an instantly rustic feel. With the addition of photos, you can instantly transform the look of your room with the smiling faces of those you love the most.


Nose Power

The power of scent can’t be overstated. A good-smelling home is bound to raise your spirits, so pull out those candles, bake some cookies, and plug in those air fresheners. Scent is our strongest memory trigger, so pick out a fragrance of something from your past that gives you all those warm and fuzzy feelings. Or try out a fragrant indoor potted herb garden: a triple threat that smells great, adds some color, and is the perfect addition to an easy recipe that warms the belly.


Art With Meaning

Handprint Flower Canvas ArtGet the kids involved in redesigning your home and enlist their help for some new artwork. Spend an afternoon creating some fun and simple canvas art, frame a painting from school they recently brought home, or let them choose items they’d like to hang up in their bedrooms. They’ll love that they can give input for their living space, and happy children make for the happiest home.


Shop For Natural Furniture

This one’s a tip built on practicality. If you or your family has allergies, you know how miserable it can be to fight invisible particles that seem bent on destroying your nasal passages. To make sure your home is as healthy as can be, avoid furniture with toxic chemicals in favor of natural alternatives, and go for organic cotton mattresses and solid wood pieces as often as possible. These are less likely to be sprayed with carcinogens, and cause less irritation for sensitive sinuses.


Don’t Skimp On The Bedroom

We spend over a third of our lives sleeping—even though most of the time it seems like we’ll never get enough—so don’t forget to make sure the place you rest your head is the most relaxing it can be. At the end of a long day, your area to unwind should be catered to your tastes. The more “you” a space feels, the more relaxed you’ll be. Treat yourself to an elegant new comforter, add a splash of your favorite color in the form of accent pillows, and keep the room cool—we sleep best in a temperature range of 65-68. These simple tricks will make falling into bed at night an even bigger treat.


Heirloom Items

vintage-ladder-as-a-quilt-holder-display-hangerIf you’ve got some cool pieces from family members past, transform a wall into a homage with a hint of vintage class. Hanging an old family item like a quilt your great-grandmother made or your grandfather’s favorite pocket watch is both sentimental and classic. This little touch will tug at your heartstrings and catch any guest’s eye, plus it makes for an excellent conversation starter.


Making your home into a safe, happy space is an easy and fun task that can involve the whole family. Try out these tips and find out what makes your home the happiest!

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