Holiday Gift Idea- Dream Big with the new VTech Flipsies Dolls and Play Sets {Review & Giveaway}

flipsiesThe product has been provided by VTech so I could experience it with my family; however, the thoughts and opinions are all my own.

As soon as I saw the new VTech Flipsies playsets I was intrigued. This new toy for girls (ages 4-9) is not only adorable and fun, but they talk and interact with each other! My daughter is right at that in between age- she wants to be into the boy bands and teenage things, but she still also wants to play with dolls and stuffed animals. At almost 10 years old I wasn’t sure how she would feel about the VTech Flipsies, but as soon as I showed her Eva’s Tree House & Vet Center playset she was anxiously awaiting its arrival, and the minute it got here she was tearing open the box.

B and Eva and HazelWaiting on me to take photos was killer for her… She just wanted me to hurry up so she could get to playing with them already! But honestly, even I was having a good time “playing” with them while I was setting up and taking photos. These Flipsies are a blast! Before I go into more about how we felt about them, let me tell you a bit more about the VTech Flipsies line:

  • ~These interchangeable toys empower girls to dream big and use their imaginations by magically transforming from their everyday life to their dream life. No dream is too big for a Flipsie!
  • ~Eight introductory themes encourage girls to dream to be anything they want to be, whether it’s a doctor, marine biologist, teacher or even a princess.
  • ~Each 2-in-1 doll magically transforms from her everyday look to her dream look by changing her hair, clothes and accessories.
  • ~Flipsies come to life with MagicPoint™ technology, so they can interact with their playsets and even talk to one another! When placed on MagicPoint locations on any playset, each Flispies doll responds with fun phrases that match her personality and location on the playset.
  • ~The dolls can also interact and talk to each other in select MagicChat locations throughout all the playsets.
  • ~Extending the play value for kids, a new Flipsies microsite is now available, offering girls exciting activities, games, quizzes, videos and more. It also serves as a resource for parents, with tools and advice on how to support and empower their children, build their confidence and help them achieve their dreams.
  • ~The introductory product collection features 18 offerings, ranging from $9.99- $39.99.

We received Eva’s Tree House and Vet Center, as well as an additional doll, Lexi, who dreams of becoming a teacher and comes with her Easel and other accessories. Eva’s Tree House and Vet Center transforms from a tree house where she can hang out with her friends to a vet center where she can take care of her pony Hazel and other animals.

Tree House and Vet CenterLexi and her EaselMy daughter has a blast with Eva’s Tree House and Vet Center and Lexi. She spends quite a bit of time changing their outfits and hair before she gets busy playing with the sets (there are so many accessories that come with them!), and she really enjoys that they can interact with each other and each other’s sets.

interchanging accessoriesHazel and EvaShe loves that there are so many areas on the play sets that are interactive. There is an area in the Vet Center where Eva (or other Flipsie dolls) can “x-ray” her pet horse Hazel, and another where she can “listen to Hazel’s heartbeat”- and you physically see the x-ray light up and audibly hear a heartbeat.

x rayPressing the charms on each doll causes them to respond with playful phrases unique to their own personalities, and it was cute to hear the different phrases. It was also a lot of fun for us to put Eva and Lexi on the different MagicPoint locations to see what they would say and how they would respond based on where they were standing.

Playing with EvaBecause one of the goals of this toy is to encourage girls to dream big, I asked my daughter a few questions in regards to the Flipies play sets, as well as her future dreams. She has always told me she wanted to be a doctor (she hasn’t yet decided if she wants to be a doctor for people or animals), so I knew this Vet Center would be great for her, but seeing the other sets has her thinking of other options as well.

What, or who, do you like to pretend to be when you’re playing? I like to play princess, singer, and fashion designer.

Who is your favorite Flipsie doll and why? I really like Jazz because she is a singer and I like to sing.

If you could transform like a Flipsie, what would you turn into? I would be a fashion designer!

I love that this encourages her playful, imaginative side, and also encourages her to dream big for her future since these play sets allow her to live out different careers. I also love that it’s easy set up and easy clean up! My daughter already has a wish list of other Flipsies sets, and I foresee many more VTech Flipsie Sets joining Eva’s Tree House very soon!

So yes, I was certainly as impressed with this toy as my daughter was. I continue to be amazed at the new technologies companies come up with, and VTech continually leads the pack and provides the next amazing toy my kids just have to have.

Do you know a little girl who would love her very own VTech Flipsies Eva’s Tree House & Vet Center playset?! VTech has generously offered this prize to one lukcy winner! To enter, complete the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on 12/15 and is open to US residents only.
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  1. Cassandra Eastman says

    My daughter would love the Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser!

  2. Cassandra Eastman says

    My daughter loves to pretend she is a Princess, Fairy, Doctor, and Mommy!

  3. My daughter would love the Jazz’s Convertible & Stage

  4. My daughter loves being a Mommy!

  5. I’m sure my daughter would like the Clementine’s Birthday Party & Bakery set! 🙂

  6. Sharon Schoepe says

    My daughter would love Clementine’s Birthday Party & Bakery

  7. My daughter would like Carina.

  8. My daughter pretends to be an artist.

  9. Jennifer Marie says

    We would also like the VTech Flipsies Lexi’s Trampoline and Classroom Playset.

  10. 12/14 My daughter would like Carina.

  11. My daughter also imagines she’s a ballerina.

  12. we like the jazz’s convertible stage- my daughter loves to pretend to perform!

  13. my daughter loves to pretend she’s a doctor

    or of course a princess!

  14. My daughter pretends she is a cat – always a cat! She might be more cat that kid now!!!

  15. Since she’s part cat I think she’d like Eva’s tree house and vet center!

  16. Jennifer Marie says

    My niece would like Jazz’s Convertible & Stage.

  17. Jennifer Marie says

    My niece likes to imagine that she is a teenager.

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