The Keys to a Healthy Pregnancy and Safe Nursery

This post was written by Laura Johnson

It’s no big secret that a woman’s body undergoes a number of changes during pregnancy. Not all of it is external, either. Some of it is internal. Body chemistry changes. Hormones act in different ways. Little things can set off big stress triggers.

Women’s health isn’t handled the same everywhere either. The laws in the US are different than other parts of the world, even if the basic concepts are the same at their core. If you want to maintain a healthy pregnancy, keeping stress low and getting proper nourishment is critical. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start with your pregnancy regiment. There are experts to help.

For a lot of women, stress is easily triggered because of hormonal imbalances and can cause serious problems. There are a number of ways you can refocus that stress into something positive. Making the ideal space for a baby is one way to take that negative energy and turn it around. The environment your baby sleeps in can determine the quality of sleep she gets.

Where does sleep start? With the crib. When you shop for a crib, make sure you’re reading up about the brand before making a purchase to avoid any companies with potential for recalls. The ties between the rails should be relatively close together to prevent the baby getting any body parts caught between them. Once you have the crib set up, you should put serious thought into the mattress. There are some out there that you can get easily and cheap, but they are not always safe or comfortable. Take time to look for top quality crib mattresses that are rated for comfort and safety. Then choose your favorite crib set and mobile to finish it off.

Remove clutter from the baby’s sleeping space. Leaving items in the crib increases the risk of SIDS significantly. This means no stuffed animals or blankets. In fact, it would be best to find out what current recommendations are, as they are regularly updated. As a bonus, keeping the sleeping space clutter-free teaches the child in the years to come that beds are sleeping areas.

Don’t distract your baby in the crib. When you are setting up the safe space, don’t be tempted to buy one of the light and song crib toys that attach to the rails. These are a distraction that can actually keep your baby from getting the sleep she needs. Babies who sleep in calm, quiet, darker environments learn how to fall asleep better and maintain better sleeping habits as they grow older.

Another essential element of the baby’s bedroom is the changing table. To keep your baby safe, get a changing pad that attaches to the top of the table and makes sure the table is easy for you to reach without stretching or bending. Then you can stock up the table with the necessities like diapers, wipes, power, and everything else you need to make the process run smoother.

Don’t forget the hamper! Having a designated hamper just for little clothes and socks makes it easier to sort through their laundry to put it all away. It’s also handy to have right beside the changing table for quick and easy changing.

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