Saving My Job With an Amber Teething Necklace

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It’s not easy taking care of a baby and working full time. I nearly lost my job one day because my baby was so miserable while teething. Thankfully, I found something that saved all of us from living in a cardboard box on the side of the street somewhere.

How It All Started

crying baby

One morning, Cindy woke up crying. She doesn’t usually cry when she wakes up. She just sits and plays until I come get her. This morning was different.

I felt her forehead immediately, and sure enough, I felt a fever. I put the thermometer on her forehead and it read a mild temp. I knew that the sitter wouldn’t go for me dropping her off, so I called in sick.

Cindy wasn’t acting right all day despite the fact I was able to get her fever down. She was crying all the time, and whining when she wasn’t. She wouldn’t eat much and wouldn’t nap. It was not a fun day.

I started getting worried that I wouldn’t make it to work the next day again, so I called her pediatrician. She advised that I bring her in to see her even though she didn’t think it was anything serious.

Sure enough, when I brought Cindy in to see her, the pediatrician said that it was teething. She recommended that I keep giving her Tylenol and Motrin and wait it out.

That’s what I did and then next morning, I got her ready for the sitter with Tylenol and Motrin in her bag. I told the sitter what the pediatrician said, and she frowned about the medicine. I reminded her that it’s only if she needs it.

Three hours into the day, I received a phone call. I knew what it was about – Cindy wasn’t going to be able to stay there. I had no one else to care for her, so I had to leave work. My boss was not happy, especially since we had a meeting with a big potential investor. I am a mommy first, so I had to go home.

As I was home cuddling my baby trying to make her feel better, I received a text from the sitter. She said that I should try an amber teething necklace. It has a natural treatment oil in it that has been known to help teething babies.

I looked up the necklace, and sure enough, it seems like it would be perfect. People have been using it for centuries and it’s perfectly safe for babies.

I read that it’s best to buy a teething necklace made out of Baltic amber beads, so I went through BALTICWONDER.COM. They source their amber from Lithuania, which is the Baltic area of the world. They even send a certificate of authenticity.

My Experience With the Amber Teething Necklace and How I Saved My Job

It didn’t take long to receive the necklace. Thankfully, Cindy’s teething pain subsided enough that she was able to go to the sitters while it was its way.

As soon as it came, I put it on her. I figured that if she never had any other issues with teething, then it was a success.

And…that’s exactly what happened.

I didn’t have to take another day off of work because she was teething, and I even think that it improves her immune system (I read that was also a benefit) because she hasn’t sick in a long time.

mom and baby

My boss is happy. I am happy. And most importantly, Cindy is happy. Three cheers for the amber teething necklace that saved everyone’s day!

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