Making Your First Home Safe and Healthy for Your Family

This post was written by Laura Johnson

Maybe you’ve just decided to buy your very first home as a young family. If so, one of the first things you’ll want to tackle is getting your home move-in ready. This could be painting, new flooring or other remodeling projects that are needed to put the finishing touch on your new space. But what about safety and keeping your home healthy for your family at the same time? Have you thought about how safe your home really is from pests and hidden dangers lying underneath? From the basics to having to call in the pros, here are a few things you’ll want to consider prior to moving into your new place.

Pest Inspection

If you’ve just purchased a home and had to obtain a mortgage, one of the things that was likely a requirement is having to have a pest inspection. That report would identify any underlying pest issue or infestation past and present. The problem is the time frame between the inspection and moving in could warrant an unwelcome guest from a rodent or pesky four-legged insect.

Because this can easily go undetected, you may not notice an infestation right at first. If you suddenly find rodent droppings in your home, you should investigate further to determine if it’s a mouse or a rat. While all rodents can carry some forms of viruses and diseases, a concerning and growing problem is the presence of Hantavirus. Hantavirus is a virus carried by mice that affects your upper respiratory system. It starts off with flu-like symptoms such as a fever and chest congestion. It can quickly turn deadly, so prompt medical attention is required.

To keep your family safe, always wear gloves when cleaning up mouse droppings. Disinfect surfaces and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. If you have a problem with mice or other pests, contact a qualified exterminator in Kansas City or one in your immediate location right away. More times than not, if a mouse problem is so bad that droppings are visible throughout the home, the infestation can only be stopped by the professionals. In other words, a few traps in the attic and under the kitchen sink aren’t going to cut it by the time mice are comfortable enough to use your hallway as a bathroom.

All-in-one Security System

Safety at home means making sure you’re alerted anytime there is a potential problem with the security in and around your home. This starts with your home security system. Is the one already installed up to date with the latest technology? Does it work properly? If you’re looking to go one step up with your security system, try a smart security system that is multifaceted. One that works from a central hub that connects to not only all security features in your homes such as alarms and cameras, it can also alert you in regards to:

  • Flooding or fire in the home
  • Carbon monoxide levels present in your home
  • Controlling the heat and cooling levels in each room
  • Turning electronic devices on or off as needed

Having a security system that incorporates several things into one can simplify the safety and healthy well being of your home and your family.

Complete Plumbing Inspection

Sure, working out together and eating a well-balanced diet is part of being happy and healthy as a couple and family, but other factors in your home can unknowingly affect your health too, such as breathing in mold or mildew. Now depending on how thorough your home inspection was prior to closing, you likely have already had a plumbing inspection in your home. But there could be something that the inspector skipped over or an underlying issue arose in between the inspection and now. If you’ve been noticing any issues with slow flowing drains or leaky pipes in the basement or crawlspace, now is the time to get them addressed. Leaks that continue to cause pooling water can make hidden spaces under your flooring or in your walls more prone to mold and bacteria overgrowth. The result could be widespread damage that will dent into your savings account, but most importantly it could trigger respiratory problems in individuals with compromised immune systems. Don’t hesitate to call a qualified licensed plumber should you feel your home plumbing system needs a second look over.

Erosion Problems

Looking out on your gorgeous lawn, you may feel blessed that you’re now the proud owner of such a beautiful piece of property. But are there any areas where water pools up or uneven areas of dirt in or around the foundation of your home? The issue could be due to improper irrigation where the water simply doesn’t have anywhere to go. Erosion occurs when vital soil nutrients easily wash away. You can control this by installing proper irrigation so that the water no longer builds up around your foundation or near low-lying areas in your yard. Installing a retaining wall, drain ditch and cleaning your eavestroughs are all ways to combat erosion in your yard. The result is a drier property that will welcome fewer mosquitoes and eliminate moist conditions inside your home, all factors that could ultimately affect your health and well-being.

Keeping your family safe and healthy is a priority. Taking small steps now can make a huge difference later.

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