Using Ingredients from Home to Create the Perfect Drink

This post was written by Laura Johnson

People don’t have to go out for a drink and spend the extra money if they don’t feel like it at the time. Though this is fun to do on occasion, it is far less expensive to simply make the drink yourself at home. With the right ingredients and the know-how, anyone can create their perfect drink right form their own kitchen. 

Buy Flavorings Online

A typical grocery store may have some of the ingredients needed, but chances are people won’t be able to find all the ones they truly need for the perfect concoction. You can use a site like Monin to purchase syrups, sauces, and flavors online. This website provides access to dozens upon dozens of different flavorings and options, ensuring each person can find exactly what they’re looking for to create a drink that is delicious to them. 

Try Different Pairings

Just because a person typically drinks a strawberry pineapple smoothie doesn’t mean they can’t venture out and try something different instead. A very berry smoothie could be your new favorite if you give it a try. There are plenty of refreshing fruit smoothie recipes that can be made from home. Most only require the fruits a person wants, ice, and juice, unless the recipe calls for something extra. Throw in some usual choices, such as grapes and peaches, and see how they taste together.

Have the Right Machine

The right machine will also go a long way in making the drinks correctly. A typical blender might work fine for smoothies, but a juicer may be more your style if you simply want to juice some fruits and turn them into a drink. An average coffee pot is also not ideal for coffee shop items. You’ll want a cappuccino maker, espresso machine, or something more powerful that can really give you that strong coffee flavor with all the foam. These machines may take some getting used to as you learn how to work them. Once you do, however, you’ll be able to create any drinks they allow. An espresso machine can be hard to learn if you’ve been used to making basic coffee, but anyone can get the process down if they try a few times. 

Get the Right Glasses

The glasses can also make or break the overall experience. Most restaurants put certain types of drinks in certain glasses for a reason. A frosted mug may work well for dessert-like drinks or even beer. Fruity cocktails often go great in a wine glass paired with a little umbrella sticking to the side. Having these glasses and supplies on hand will help to make the drink as realistic as possible so people don’t mind drinking from home instead of going out for what they desire. 

Keep the Fridge and Pantry Stocked

Making a drink one time won’t curb your cravings forever. If a person has a drink they really like and want regularly, they’ll have to be sure to keep those ingredients on hand at all times. Keep the fridge and pantry stocked with the right stuff so it can be utilized at any time. Be sure to pay attention to shelf life so nothing goes bad before you get the chance to use it. 

Going out for a fun drink concoction no longer has to be done. People can create their own right from the kitchen at home. They just need to make sure they have the proper ingredients and flavors to be able to make it taste right. Have a drink anytime you want one by making it yourself. 


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