Volunteering with Children

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When parents decide to volunteer with their children, both the community and the family benefit. Working side by side with your children opens up opportunities for you to strengthen your bonds and see each other in a different light.
Whilst volunteering, families experience another side of a country, a side that most typical tourists don’t see.

Here are some exciting ways to volunteer as a family:

Teaching in Asia

Asia is one of the easiest regions of the world to find a volunteer teaching placement, many organizations accept families staying for as little as one or two weeks and will also help organize your hostel/hotel accommodation.

No experience is needed to teach English in Asia, just a can-do attitude and a willingness to get stuck in. Depending on the level of confidence families have, they may want to help in different ways. Sometimes families will teach a class themselves, taking questions and writing on the board. Alternatively, they may prefer to sit in other teachers classes helping individual children who are struggling.

Off the Beaten Track in Africa

Families wishing to experience a more cultural exchange and personal experience often enjoy living with a tribe family.

The Maasai are a popular family choice. The majority of the Maasai people live in the sweeping Rift valley which stretches for 3,700 miles down through Africa, formed 22 million years ago! Getting back to basics helping with the family’s daily routine, their animals and local village, provides a truly cultural immersion experience. Notwithstanding the Maasai’s traditions and culture, will also play a big part in anyone’s visit.

Original Volunteers provides a variety of placements throughout Africa, many suitable for families.

Helping on a Farm

Organic farming with the organization WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), helps promote cultural exchange and educational experiences based on trust rather than monetary exchange. Building a sustainable and global community, families are welcomed.

Volunteers live alongside their hosts, helping with daily agricultural tasks and experiencing life as a farmer. Children are welcome to join in, depending on their age they will be able to help with different tasks. There are often other children to play with at the farm or close by.

Choose from over 120 countries all over the world for your family to go and help in, choose the right WWOOF group for you.

Protect Elephants

Observe the natural behaviors of elephants in their home environments. Kindred Spirit Elephant sanctuary in Thailand, aims to bring as many elephants as possible back to their natural habitat, whilst raising awareness about the captive elephant situation. Volunteers are needed to monitor the elephants’ behavior in the sanctuary, along with performing health checks. With no experience necessary.

Learn all about an elephant’s life and how they live both in the wild and captivity. Also learn about Thailand’s culture and how deforestation and poaching has affected the lives of elephants.

Fight Hunger and Food Waste in Lisbon

One million tonnes of food are wasted every year in Portugal, nearly 30% of all the food consumed. Break the cycle by actively contributing as a family. Fight food waste and hunger, feeding over 3000 people by collecting, organizing and distributing excess food.
Surplus food is collected from local restaurants, cafes and supermarkets. It is then redistributed among other families, elderly and homeless people in need.

A great activity for families of any age, demonstrating the importance of minimizing food waste and helping feed those in need, who haven’t got access to or can’t afford food for themselves.

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