Yala Designs Bamboo Circle Top- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide #Giveaway

I love it when I find a top that works for dressy and dressy-casual. Since we go to church every Sunday and Wednesday night and we dress up, I need dress clothes.  However, on the occasions when we have date night or dinner out with friends, I don’t want to get as dressed up as […]

Women’s Apparel from Fresh Produce- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Seeing as how I could live in my pajamas, I’m always thrilled to find comfy clothing to wear… ‘Cause unfortunately I can’t really live in my pajamas. Boo.  So where does a girl go when she wants something cute and comfy?  Fresh Produce! I was sent the Seabreeze Top in cobalt. It was hard to […]

Bring On The Pink- Belly Dance Maternity #Giveaway

I haven’t always been a big online shopper when it comes to clothes, unless they’re for my husband because he never goes shopping for himself anyway so it doesn’t matter if he tries it on first or not.  When it comes to me though I like to try things on, or at least look at it […]

Bring On The Pink- [bump] babies #Giveaway

I can’t think of many women who don’t love new clothes, and I’m no different.  A new outfit or accessory can boost my mood, especially when it earns a compliment (or two) when I wear it.  So needless to say, I was excited to walk out to my mailbox and find a package from [bump] babies waiting […]

Bring On The Pink- Seraphine Maternity Review and #Giveaway

So, now that I’m heading into my third trimester of pregnancy instead of feeling like one hot mama (which my husband assures me I still am…gotta love a smart guy like that!), I’m feeling like one BIG mama.  Sometimes the outfit I’m wearing can definitely add to that feeling.  I’m sure I’m not the only […]

Heelys Shoes- Perfect for Back to School

Heelys was one of my sponsors for the Back 2 School Bash last month.  However, with the huge demand because of back to school time, it took a bit longer to get our shoes for review and we weren’t able to post this before the event ended. However, I have to share our love of […]

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