Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty List and Giveaway

The holidays are coming fast, and although I thought I was prepared, the closer it gets the more I wonder if I am really as prepared as I thought. With 4 kids it’s hard to keep track of gifts sometimes. To make matters worse, we have quite a few family birthdays in December, including my […]

Bring On The Pink- [bump] babies #Giveaway

I can’t think of many women who don’t love new clothes, and I’m no different.  A new outfit or accessory can boost my mood, especially when it earns a compliment (or two) when I wear it.  So needless to say, I was excited to walk out to my mailbox and find a package from [bump] babies waiting […]

KidKraft Toy Box- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

My daughter has loved to play dress up since the time she could dress herself.  This has made it easy for friends and family when they’re looking for gift ideas; just get a dress-up outfit and she’s thrilled!  This has also meant that she’s gotten her brothers involved in dress-up too. But after seeing the […]

Bring On The Pink- Seraphine Maternity Review and #Giveaway

So, now that I’m heading into my third trimester of pregnancy instead of feeling like one hot mama (which my husband assures me I still am…gotta love a smart guy like that!), I’m feeling like one BIG mama.  Sometimes the outfit I’m wearing can definitely add to that feeling.  I’m sure I’m not the only […]

Bring On The Pink! A Maternity and Baby Event Coming Soon

It’s almost time!!! That’s right, here at Full Time Mama we’re about to kick off our Bring On The Pink! Maternity and Baby Event’! No, we’re not adding a 5th child to the mix (though I am missing holding a tiny baby in my arms).  My lovely sister-in-law, however, IS expecting!  After having 2 rough […]

Why Toys are an Important Part for Early Childhood Development

When my first son was born I did a lot of reading on newborns; how often to feed them, what products I needed and which were safest, what kids toys were appropriate and why.  I learned that black, white, and red toys were best for newborns and was amazed that- even as a brand new […]

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