Back In Fluff: Thirsties Duo Diaper review and giveaway

One of the very first cloth diapers I purchased for Connor was a Thirsties Fab Fitted.  I knew we would be cloth diapering, and decided when I saw a good deal on them that I’d better get a few.  I knew pretty much nothing about cloth diapers aside from knowing we’d save money using them […]

Back In Fluff: Smartipants review and giveaway!

It’s here! Back In Fluff has officially begun! I’ll be honest and tell you that, although I cloth diapered Connor as little guy, going back to it made me a bit nervous.  Now he is bigger, more active and making bigger “messes”.  I wondered if I would be able to find a diaper that would […]

Back In Fluff Event starts in 1 week! Here are the amazing sponsors!

Wow, just one week left until the Back In Fluff Cloth Diaper Event begins! Are you excited?! I AM! Here are the sponsors we have on board already!  There may be a few more trickling in as well! Pretty awesome line-up so far, huh?! Be sure you are following this blog, and then grab the […]

Back In Fluff! Cloth Diaper Event Coming soon!

Many of you know I had been cloth diapering Connor when he was first born, but made the decision to stop after he got horrible rashes that I couldn’t seem to get to go away.  I tried all I could, and was bummed to have to stop, but knew I’d be going back as soon […]

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