Cloth Wipes and Wipe Solution; What’s your opinion?

Along with cloth diapering we’ve decided (I guess I should say I decided) that we will also be using cloth wipes. Gary is still a bit “icked out” with the idea of poopy diapers that have to be washed, let alone adding wipes into the mix. I’ve won a few cloth wipes and have also […]

Newborn Diapering: Prefolds and Covers or Newborn diapers?

One of the biggest concerns I have about cloth diapering our newborn is what to use?! I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some say prefolds and covers are absolutely the way to go, others insist on using newborn diapers. Then there are some that suggest using disposable diapers until baby is big enough to fit into the […]

Yes, we are cloth diapering this baby!

So for those who don’t already know, we will be cloth diapering this baby. I’ve been so blessed to have won a pretty good amount of diapers, but anyone who cloth diapers knows you need quite a bit when you first start. I’ve been excited about it, but am quickly becoming overwhelmed as delivery day […]

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