Clean your produce with all natural MyClyns-review

I want my kids to learn healthy eating by example, so I try to be sure we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.  More and more the media is- quite frankly- freaking me out about what is on our foods.  I have a little card with the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” fruits and […]

Salsa Competition: Did Gary win??

Every year the youth group at our church holds a Mexican food dinner and Salsa competition as a fundraiser.  They provide the food, and members of the church make homemade salsa.  Paper bags are placed behind each salsa (whose creators remain anonymous until the end), and people place money in the bags to “vote” for […]

The worst eating out experience of my life!

UGH!!! We ate at a restaurant tonight called 3 Margaritas, located near Tatum and Bell road. We went because we wanted Mexican food, and we wanted to go somewhere that the kids ate free on Mondays. I found it listed on an online site. (No offense to those of you in the mid-west, but I’d […]

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