Fluff for your daughter’s baby dolls! YES PLEASE!

My friend Skye over at Real Mom Reviews is participating in A Merry Fluffy Christmas.  What I LOVE about her fluffy package is that it’s for dolls!  I hope I win this, I’d love for my daughter to be carrying her babies in an ERGO and for her dolls to be sporting fluff too! Check […]

Exclusive HABA pushtoys from Maukilo! Review

I’ve never found it easy to find good baby toys and toddler toys.  Seems like most either fall apart too quickly, or my kids lost interest far too soon for the money I spent on the toy.  So when we got the new *exclusive* HABA Pushing Animal Flapping Frank from Maukilo, I was curious to […]

KidzMed VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer: Review and Giveaway {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

There is nothing worse than when something wakes my sleeping child.  When they’re sick, getting them to sleep can sometimes be near impossible, so the thought of waking them to take their temperature upsets me for many reasons… KidzMed Veratemp Non-Contact Thermometer has solved this problem!  It uses a totally safe infrared technology to measure […]

Create awesome forts with Happy Kid Company! Review and Giveaway {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

As kids, my brother and I loved to build forts in our living room with the couch cushions.  We made some pretty sweet forts!  Sometimes it was difficult to get them exactly how we wanted though; keeping the sheets from falling down was so hard, especially as a kid. My kids are no different. They […]

Domino Race from HearthSong: Review and Giveaway {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

When thinking of children’s gifts to purchase, toys are almost always the first thing that comes to mind. For me, the hard part about purchasing toys is that so many are cheaply made, and don’t keep my children’s attention after a few days.  It’s so hard to find unique quality toys at retail and department […]

Crane Adorables Humidifiers: Review and Giveaway {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

We live in hot, dry Arizona.  My kids’ pediatrician highly recommends that we run a humidifier year round, but especially during the winter time when it’s cold and flu season.  Each time I bring the kids in sick in the winter, the first question she asks is, “Do you have a humidifier running in their […]

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