Wordless Wednesday- Then and Now

Alright, I’m about to embarrass myself here, but I couldn’t resist posting these then and now pics… These are 2 of my very best friends in the world.  We are all within a month of each other in age, and grew up together from day 1 in the same church.  We even had the Best […]

Love is blind, especially a mother’s love!

Ever noticed how we, as mothers, think there is NO cuter kid on Earth than our own? It’s true, and it’s as it should be! I have had this conversation with friends over and over again, how we always think our kid is cute.  I always say this is the case for me, but there […]

On death and my father, Ed: October 29,1959- June 3, 2011

I was thinking all day today (I guess really yesterday, though I have yet to go to sleep) about a post I was going to write about life and it’s uncertainty, death and how quickly it comes upon us. I got word this morning that my aunt, (my mom’s younger sister), after going to the […]

Let’s get personal…

I’ve realized that-especially since having Connor- my blog has gone from strictly personal posts, to a mix of reviews and personal posts, to mostly review posts.  I am so limited on personal time and tend to make time just for the reviews I have committed to, and not with sharing my life and goings on […]


Wow, my apologies on the lack of personal posts. Life is just so crazy. My husband recently started a new job. His hours have changed and I’ve found I have much less time in my day than I used to have. And then having a new baby (is 3 months old still considered new??) can […]

I’m on a see-saw…

I know, I’ve totally been slacking on personal posts lately. I’ve been on the see-saw of exhaustion and energy really bad the past week or so. One day I seriously cannot get enough sleep, and all I feel like doing is laying on the couch all day (not possible with 3 crazy kiddos!), and then […]

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