Passion Spice review/giveaway: Say goodbye to drab maternity and nursing wear! *CLOSED*


When I first became a mom 6 years ago I had no clue about nursing bras. I knew I needed one, but that was about it. I had a few hand-me-down nursing bras I used for the first few months, but when one finally bit the dust I realized I had no idea where to go or what to look for! When I finally did purchase one, it was low quality and didn't last very long either. And the worst part about each of those bras I had was how ugly and unflattering they were. I don't know about you, but having pretty … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy Update- 37 weeks


We've made it! FULL TERM! Yay!I've had an ultra-sound, non-stress-test and doctor's appointment each week for the past few weeks. Things are all good! Baby Connor (yes, we decided on Connor) is growing well but keeping small, which is fine with me! Doctor thinks he'll be less than 7lbs. My first 2 were just under 7lbs, my 3rd was 7lbs 7oz. I'm good with under 7lbs!I will be induced on the 14th of September if I don't go into labor before then. I've had contractions off and on, some very … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wednesday: Erik and Grammy


For more WW visit Go Graham Go, Jolly Mom and the WW HQ. … [Continue reading]

Have you heard of Dream Dinners?

I recently reviewed Dream Dinners for Go Graham Go. You must go read the review and see what it is all about! Seriously, wish I had known about them sooner! Be sure and see if there's a location near you and try it out at least once. You'll be hooked!! I am! … [Continue reading]

CSN review (and a chance to win!)


Remember my CSN teaser post? Well the review is finally here!After many days of searching and agonizing over what to get with our gift card (provided by CSN for this review), we finally decided to apply it to a play yard for our new bundle! We wanted a bassinet, but after seeing the Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite play yard- which included a full size bassinet, changing table, and carry bag- we jumped at it!This is perfect for us! It fits perfectly next to our bed where baby will sleep for the … [Continue reading]

Purely Products twitter party special- BIG SALE!


If you didn't win the SunMate giveaway, you may want to check out the special that Purely Products has going on right now!!Through tomorrow night they are offering a 2 for $22 sale!!! This is a SMOKIN DEAL, as 1 SunMate is regularly $19.95!They're also offering 2 for $22 on the Pocket Purifier,and 3 for $22 on the Healthy CFL.Hurry over and order, as this deal ends TOMORROW NIGHT! … [Continue reading]

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