Wordless Wednesday- Lopsided Smiles


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Wordless Wednesday- I live in a zoo!


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ABCNeckties review and giveaway! *CLOSED*


We go to church every week, and we dress up for church. My daughter and I wear dresses or skirt and blouse, my boys wear dress pants and dress shirt, and my husband wears dress pants, dress shirt and tie. Yep, we look pretty spiffy. After watching daddy wear ties all these years, my 6 year old has finally decided that he needs some ties of his own. I don't know if you've ever tried finding boys ties, but I've had the hardest time finding them at the stores I shop at. I don't want to have to … [Continue reading]

Birth Story Part 2


If you missed part 1 you can read it here.The entire time we'd been at the hospital we'd been watching my contractions on the monitor while listening to Connor's heart beating good and strong. But as the pitocin kicked in, his heart rate dropped with each contraction.The nurse came running in and had me turn to my other side, thinking maybe he was on the umbilical cord. That didn't help. And with every contraction, his heart rate would drop drastically again. The nurse had me keep turning … [Continue reading]

Birth Story Part 1


I started this on the 23rd of September (my due date, and 11 days after Connor was born). And yes, it's been 7 weeks since Connor was born and I'm just now finishing. How do other new mommies get their birth stories posted THE DAY they deliver, or a few days after? Amazing.Anyway, on to the birth story...Remember my post about wanting to go into labor on my own and avoid induction (38wk update)? Well, I DID!!My doctor appointment on Friday the 10th of September was not exactly what I had hoped. … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wednesday- Fun in a box


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