Need a pair of great sunglasses? Sunglass Warehouse review and giveaway *CLOSED*


I used to be the type of girl to buy the cheap sunglasses from department stores. I could see what I was getting, and if I lost them or broke them, it wasn't any big deal.  I never even considered buying sunglasses online. When my husband and I started dating, he took me to buy a pair of expensive sunglasses, assuring me it would be worth it.  I spent $65 on them, and about had a heart attack. But I loved them, and when they broke I was totally bummed.I haven't bought an expensive pair since, … [Continue reading]



 Growing up I always said I wanted 3 kids.  When Gary and I met, got serious, then discussed marriage and kids, we both thought 3 sounded good.After having our first 2 children, first a boy, then a girl, Gary commented that we could stop having kids now since we had one of each. I'm pretty sure I laughed and said something about definitely not stopping until we had 3.  He seemed ok with it.Shortly after, we had our 3rd child, a boy.  "We are DONE!" was a regular phrase used by Gary.  At … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wednesday- My boys, dirty faces and all!


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$75 CSN Stores giveaway!*CLOSED*


I've got an itch lately... An itch to redo my house.  Nothing too major, I'm just ready to have some newer, nicer fixtures in this house instead of the old, ugly fixtures that were in here when we bought the place 4 years ago.  If I had to guess, I'd say that every fixture in this house is original from when it was built in the 80's.  Not pretty...While the list is long (and growing longer every day), I think a good starting place is lights;  Entry way light, dining room light, kitchen … [Continue reading]

Skin MD review and giveaway! *CLOSED*


A few months ago, I was sent a bottle of Skin MD lotion and a few sample packs of Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 to review.  While I almost always have a review post up within 2 weeks, I wanted to give this lotion a good testing before reviewing it.  After these few months, I can say without hesitation that I LOVE this lotion.  "Skin MD Natural uses a blend of natural ingredients in combination with significant recent scientific advances to hydrate and help heal dry skin without any greasy … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wednesday- Spring Training Game!


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