For those of you who do not know, we have started homeschool! I have been doing a Kindergarten curriculum with Logan, and Brooke joins us when she feels like it (which so far has been every time.) So far, things have gone extremely well, and both kids ask every morning if we are doing school today. The kids are learning lots of new things and are excited to show of their daily activities to dad when he gets home from work. So far we’ve learned about the days of Creation, when God created the world and all things in it, we’ve learned about the sun, the letter ‘s’ and what sound it makes (Logan can now write the letter ‘s’ with no problems), and Brooke is now able to recognize the letter ‘s’ and a triangle! Logan knows almost all of his letter sounds, and just yesterday read a beginner book to me! He needed help with some of it, and got tired before the book was entirely completed, but did an amazing job and made me so proud!! Such a huge accomplishment at only 4 years old!



  1. Way to go Logan!! It’s exciting to watch them learn.

  2. How awesome! sounds like they are both doing well! I’m so impressed.

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