Labor Day camping trip at the Yates Ranch

So this past weekend we were able to go up north and spend 5 days at the family ranch! We had a blast, despite the all day rain on Sunday. This was Erik’s first trip (post womb) to the ranch, and he really enjoyed himself! I went camera crazy and captured some great moments. In looking at the pictures, I can remember many similar photos taken of myself and Aadam (and most of the church kids) growing up and camping at the ranch! I feel so blessed to be able to share one of my most favorite places with my children.
All 3 of the kids enjoyed not only playing in the dirt, but climbing the rocks as well. Logan reminds me a lot of myself at his age… Eager to try new things but terrified! He wanted so badly to climb those rocks, but cried the whole time! Wish I had gotten pictures of that to share, but I was too busy trying to talk him through it! However, when I told him it was time to be done and we’d try again another time, he was even more upset by that thought! As scared as he was, he still wanted to do it and didn’t want to quit!
Brooke, however, is and always has been my fearless one. She got right up there like she’d been doing it more than her years, and did not appear scared one bit. She went with big cousin Aimee all over those rocks, and was very upset when Aimee wanted to hold her and carry her through certain tricky spots. “I can do it by myself!”, she says! Those have been her famous words since she learned to say them. “I do it!”, was very common when she had just learned to speak, no matter whether she really could do it or not! Anyway, Erik actually took a try at climbing the big rock too! I went right behind him, and he actually did it! He was not happy with me when I took him down from there. I have a feeling he’ll be a lot like Brooke is. Watch out!!


  1. good job on your new blog! The double pictures happen a lot. not sure why, but you can take it off. You’ll figure it out though. I look forward to keeping up with your family. hugs and kisses to you all

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