Cutting teeth=Misery!

So for quite a few weeks now, Erik has been grumpy, clingy, fussy, cranky… Any and every adjective associated with cutting teeth! However, seeing as how Logan and Brooke were never like this when cutting teeth (We didn’t even know Logan had cut his first 2 until he bit my finger one day!), we were pretty confused as to what his deal was. I kept blaming it on his lack of sleep, or his brother and sister constantly bothering him or something of the sort.
He cut his first 2 bottom teeth when he was just 7 months old. According to our pediatrician, the top 2 usually come in within the following 2 weeks. Well, it’s been FAR past that time period, and up until recently I hadn’t noticed anything. I finally looked in his mouth the other day and noticed that his top gums are practically bulging from the swelling of 4 teeth trying to come in!! I could see the whites of ALL of them. NO WONDER he’s been so grumpy!
So I’ve been keeping my eye on them the past few days. On Saturday evening, I decided to feel his gums to see it anything had popped in yet, (through screaming and flailing, of course.) Nope, nothing up top. But as he bit down to try and get my finger out of his mouth, I felt a poking on the bottom and low and behold, he cut another bottom tooth! Poor kid had 6 teeth trying to come in all at once! SO, that bottom one finally made it’s way through on Saturday, and then on Sunday one of the top front teeth finally broke through! Only 4 more to go! Poor kid!
Being the kind of mother I am, I tried holding him down last night to get a picture to ‘document’ this stage of his life. Yeah right… Didn’t work. =)
I’ll have to get Gary to help me hold him down, and maybe we’ll get a picture posted on here.
Then again, maybe not. =)

Got a few this evening all by myself! He was enjoying being tickled so I seized the opportunity! Not a great pic but the best I could get and I think it shows enough to understand. Nice up the nose shot too. Tee hee hee.


  1. Just goes to show us mama’s that each kid is their very own person! haha. He got so big so fast..sniff

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