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Erik’s 1st Birthday Party-FINALLY!

OK, so Erik’s birthday is August 23rd. But due to family being out of town, we were just finally able to have his 1st birthday party! We had almost all of our family here to celebrate, and as a special treat, Uncle Joel also brought a Ladder truck (fire truck) over for a while too! All of the kids got a hat and a Jr. Firefighter sticker badge, got to climb on and in the firetruck, and even heard the sirens and saw the lights! So much fun!
Unfortunately, my camera battery died (why didn’t I charge it before the party!?!?!) so I didn’t get pictures of most of the entire night (*tear*), but Aunt Jenn did, so hopefully I’ll have those pictures soon (*wink wink Aunt Jenn!*) and I can add them to this slide show!
Erik was grumpy at the beginning of the party, happy periodically, and reserved pretty much the entire time (so many people!!). He seemed confused when we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and confused at first as to why he had a huge cake in front of him, but dug in pretty well and definitely enjoyed it! (Those pictures will have to come from Aunt Jenn.)


  1. Very cool, Alesha! You have such cutie-pie kids…must run in the family! 🙂 I gave you the b-day pics today, so I am off of the hook for those, now!

    Aunt Jenn

  2. very cute! Looks like he had a great time. Uncle Joel pulled out all the stops hehe

  3. Happy Birthday Erik! So cute!!

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