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I’d like to ask you all to keep Gary (and Isaac Ferrier) in your prayers. Work has been extremely slow. Recently they changed the way they pay the mechanics. They were getting paid hourly. Now they’re on flat rate…If there’s no work in the shop, you don’t get paid. There have been many days in these last 6 weeks that the guys have sat around all day waiting for work to come in the shop so they could get some hours on their paycheck. Some guys have had as little as 40 hours on an 80 hour paycheck.
So far, Gary has been very blessed and managed to scrape up enough work to get his full (or almost full) paycheck, but work continues to be slim and getting slimmer. He has put in about 6 applications and has heard back on 3 of them. He already interviewed for one, and although he really wanted to accept their offer, they could only offer him $10 less per hour than he’s making now… Not enough to pay our bills with! He has another interview this Friday and also is testing for a state mechanics job next week. Please keep him in your prayers that the Lord will help him do well and guide him to what He desires for Gary and our family… Even if that is to stay where he’s at now and tough it out.
Thank you for remembering him!


  1. I have prayed for you guys and hope things are starting to come together for you! Let me know how you’re doing

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