I know I should have family photos up, but honestly, I failed to take any. (I know, it’s awful)!!! I did, however, get some pretty funny pics of the kids, and a few funny videos as well.
Here is a video of Brooke watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and dancing with the Rockettes:

And here is the Rockettes grand finale with the kids and Gary in his “pj’s”. He’ll probably kill me for putting this on here!

At Trish and Isaac’s house, they have a rope/tree swing in the backyard. Logan wanted to swing on it, so he hopped up in the tree and looked down (not far at all!). He seemed hesitant but we cheered him on and he went… and cried almost immediately. We thought he may have hit the tree on the swing back or bumped his rear on the tree when he jumped (you’ll see what I mean), so we asked him what was wrong and he said it scared him. But he decided he wanted to do it again. All of the kids were waiting for their turns, and Logan sat up there waiting to jump and cried. So I ran and got the camera. He really was being silly and all the rest of the kids were patiently waiting, but getting impatient the longer he sat there and cried. The funniest part was when he did FINALLY go, he sat on the swing going back and forth crying… I hollered and told him to get off so the other kids could go, and he said (through tears) “But I wanna swing!”.

When he got off, he came running up to Gary wanting to be held. (Keep in mind, this was after going to bed late the night before, getting up early that morning, and being way past naptime)! Gary tells him he’s fine and turns to walk away, and Logan grabs him and cries more. So Gary starts running away, and Logan is chasing him around the backyard and crying and crying. OK, I know this probably sounds cruel, but it was actually really comical because it was so ridiculous (my sis-in-law Rebecca can post a comment and back me up on that… we were in tears…seriously!). I did get that on video, but on my sony video camera, which is not digital. So unfortunately, that cannot be posted. I wish it could, because seriously, it was the funniest thing. Did I happen to mention how funny it was??? Just in case I forgot to tell you, it was really really funny.

Here are some cute pics of Brooke sharing her dessert with Erik.


  1. don’t feel bad. the pics taken for thanksgiving this year was Holly. I brought my camera and we took two pics haha. cute videos. Your kids will LOVE you when they get older hehe

  2. eastonsmom says

    I love Gary and the kids dancing!!

  3. Ha Ha Ha! All of this post was funny… that’s all I can say 🙂

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