Random Acts of Cuteness

Last week we were cleaning up from dinner. I grabbed Erik from his highchair and was telling him how cute he was, (cause, you know, he is SO adorable!).

Then Logan said something cute, and I told him how cute he was, (cause he is stinkin’ cute too!).

A few minutes later, Brooke is laying on the couch and she says, “Mommy, can you tell me something too?”.

I said, “Like what Brookie?”.

And she says, “Um… Like that I’m pretty or something??”.

Can you get any cuter than that?!?!


  1. nope….can’t get any cuter than that…your kids ARE cute….love the header picture!!

  2. that was a great story. Kids say the darndest things!

  3. And what a good lesson: what we say doesn’t affect just the person that its intended for, but everyone who hears it!

  4. eastonsmom says

    That is sooo funny!!

  5. So sweet.. and she is very cute. They all 3 are.

  6. Oh my she is too adorable oh yeah so pretty :). I love it!

  7. I really do love how kids can say the cutest things!

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