Random Acts of Cuteness-Muscles

So my kids do pretty well eating their veggies, but we still use the “If you eat those, it will make you smarter/muscles grow bigger”, etc, and that almost always does the trick.
The other night we were eating corn beef and cabbage for dinner. Erik wasn’t too sure about the cabbage, but when I told him it would make his muscles bigger, he immediately took a bite and said, “Yum!”.
I asked him to show me his muscles, and when he did I said, “Wow! Look how much bigger they are already!”.
He got a huge smile, then leaned over and kissed his muscles!
WHAT??!!! LOL!! I have no idea who showed him that or where he learned it from, but man, was it hilarious!!


  1. That is adorable!!

  2. eastonsmom says

    He better do a repeat performance of that for me!

  3. Jolly Mom says

    LOL! That is hilarious!

  4. LOL!!! That's Awesome!

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