I am this mom…

My mom took my kids this morning for a few hours. She had the day off and wanted them to come play in the slip-n-slide at her house. She also thought it would be nice for me to have some time alone to do whatever I felt like. Isn’t she sweet?

I was miserable… Is that ridiculous or what?! I did some laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, put away dishes and caught up on emails and reading blogs… But I was lonely and missing my kids! By the 3rd hour, I was calling her to see when they were coming home.

I’m not one of those mothers who easily lets go of my kids. I hardly use a babysitter, and when I do, it’s usually only if I absolutely have to. Usually my mom watches them, but occasionally my dad, brother and SIL, or aunt have taken them…That’s it. I think about them every minute, and often call to “check-in”.

I’ve never been away from them for an entire 24 hour period. Logan and Brooke take turns staying the night with my mom every few weeks, but it’s only overnight and for part of the next day. I miss them when they’re gone, and I am always ready for them to be back. I call during the time they’re gone to “check-in”, and have only recently quit making them call me to say goodnight.

I haven’t been away from Erik for longer than a few hours, and that is tough on me too.

I often say, “AH! These kids are driving me crazy! I need a break!”, but I don’t think I could handle much of a break, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a break… Just a short one.

Next weekend we are going up to our family ranch (cooler weather!!) for a few days. We planned on leaving Thursday after Gary got off work. My aunt asked if Logan could come up with them on Tuesday (her twins are 14 months older than Logan, and they’re the closest of friends). When Gary mentioned it to me, I panicked inside…

The rational side of me says, “Good grief! He’s 5 years old! He’ll be fine, he’ll have a blast, and you’ll be less one child for an entire 2 days!”

The other side screams, “NO! You can’t let your baby leave you for that long! What if he needs you? It’s not like you’re a 10 minute drive away! What if something happens to him?”

I know, it’s ridiculous… But it’s me, and I’d rather be this mom any day of the week.


  1. I TOTALLY relate to this! I just never felt the need to be away from my kids. I think I had a babysitter less than 5 times ever.

    My example is not normal but then neither am I.

  2. I think I'm going to be exactly like you. Baby J is only one, and I've never been away from her for more than a few hours, and even then it's usually out of necessity.

  3. YEP…and my mom hates that I'm that way. She wants Evan to spend the night and stuff but I just can't-I miss him too much! And the other day she took him so I could get a little rest when Isabella was sleeping and I missed him terribly the whole time and it was only for a few hours.

  4. I was so missing Kaia when we went to Oregon. She had never had an overnight without me and then she was without both of us for 5 days…that was killer. I do wish my mom were here and still alive so she could take Kaia overnight. I want her to be independent like I am. I do love that she is clingy from time to time and loves being with me. I don't want to spend days away from Kai but, I do like having a break!

  5. I've realized it's harder on us then them… I think we all know that, but don't want to admit it! But, its good you want them around you, just shows them how much you love them!

  6. My son has been away since last Friday at his cousins. I miss him terribly! We never go out though. I hate that I had to go back to work full time. Love that photo!

  7. I didn't let my mom drive Roo anywhere until she was three or so but I'm a lot more easygoing with Jasper just because I need time to myself. My mom lives a block away so it's really nice to be able to drop the kids off so I can shop by myself…

  8. I am totally not THAT mom. Complete. Opposite. Yeah. Take them. Go away. Keep them til Tuesday. 3 weeks from now.

  9. eastonsmom says

    You are a teensy bit ridiculous:) but it's awesome that you love your kids that much and they know it!! They are so lucky to have you. I don't like to leave Easton either, but I know it's easier for me than you. I'm even thinking a whole night away with just my husband sounds pretty good right now. So is Logan going up early or is it too soon for mom?

  10. I think my oldest was 5 before my DH and I let her stay over night at Grandma's house. My DH was the one had trouble letting go. I have no problem pawning my children off on my mom. 😉 I would say you need to do it for your own sanity but it's sounds like you don't feel “sane” when you are away from your children. It's o.k. to be that mom. They won't be little forever. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  11. You said: “Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a break… Just a short one.”

    I relate to that so much! In fact, I relate to this whole post. I LOVE being with my kids so much! It's hard being away from them for more than a few hours…


  12. Ahhh you're so funny and so sweet! I say the same thing but I miss them too, but really I think I need a break … LOL

    LOVING the picture of you and the gang! You're such an amazing group!

  13. =) I'm that mom too. Your kids are adorable!

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